With Blu-Ray's victory over HD-DVD, PS3's success will snowball past 360

If you think that Blu-Ray's whomping victory over HD-DVD doesn't have dire implications for the battle between the PS3 and the 360, you'd better think again. Though the PS3 has been behind the 360 in the U.S. for quite some time, that is all about to change drastically in Sony's favor.

Expect to see a huge shift in the video game industry following the power shift in the video media realm; here's what you can expect:

1. Expect developers who are looking to release exclusive titles to begin shifting to the PS3's format; Sony will more than make it worth their whiles, and with HD-DVD dead, the PS3 will be a standard commodity in more homes than the 360 or the Wii in this high-definition generation.

With those developers shifting to PS3 soon, Sony will hold more wildcard developers going into the next console generation; Microsoft will have to work even harder to secure strong exclusive titles. Just as cross-platform hot titles like Call of Duty 4 are pulling users to the Blu-Ray equipped appeal of the PS3, more and more users will switch because developers are going to cater to Sony's whims.

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felman873934d ago

I don't get the logic behind his reasons. Why would people sell their 360 simply because Blu-ray won? Also, he linked to his own article to prove a point about 360 gamers switching to PS3 based on what 1 Gamestop retailer. He seems high

mikeslemonade3934d ago

Because there's nothing on the PS3 that can fail. Blu-ray is poised to win, the games are arriving, the system is selling everywhere(NA, Europe, Japan), price isn't an issue when 360 with xbl is same price as PS3, and the PS3 hardware does not fail. Before the PS3 didn't have very many good games and the 360 did. People were willing to risk the hardware failures to play good games on 360. Now the PS3 has everything going solid and it doesn't have faulty hardware. Which would you rather have good games, good movie library, and good hardware, or the 360 which only has good games. Now the only unknown is Home for the PS3, but 360 did Sony a favor by having a poor Xbox Live in the holiday where as the PSN worked fine through out. So atleast PSN is better when XBL is at its worst. PSN and XBL both will improve, but one is free.

whoelse3934d ago

Also, the PS3 is breaking even in price so Sony can afford to drop the price like the 360. Though probably, they wont drop the price unless Microsoft do.

Ju3934d ago

^^^ price. Well that's a strong argument. Imagine, $299 for the 40G. (I think they work on that 'potential', not saying Sony will lower the price any time soon). So you got the SD-NonHarddrive-Wii for $249 (which doesn't even play DVD movies!) and the Non-Harddrive-NoWiFi-DVD 360 for $279. Won't happen, that price tag puts so much pressure on the other two, they'll have to lower their prices as well.

Hatchetforce3934d ago

The Bluray victory is a huge impetus. There have been tons of technophiles sitting on the fence waiting for a sign that one side or the other was going to win the forum war. I don't think most people are aware of what a vast number of people this is. Now the die has been cast and they are making their move. People also want to go with a winner. I think people now see that the PS3 is going to do exactly what analysts predicted 2 years ago. It will overtake and surpass the 360. You can either be a die hard fanboy and keep railing against the PS3 or you can be a true gamer and get on board what is promising to be a hell of a ride as technology in the PS3 becomes the focus of developers and we see and experience things not possible on other machines.

Be a gamer first.

We are moving into 2008. There was another predicition made early last year. DVD9 will die a very ugly death this year in game development. Oh it will still be around in huge numbers. There is too big a fanbase to die. But technolgy is rapidly leaving DVD9 to die. Games are moving far beyond the capacity of DVD9. Technology is also dropping machines without hard drives like a hot potato. If you want the best cutting edge titles in 2008 you are going to have to have a optical media drive that will handle more that 20GB. Any takers?

The sleight of hand illusions have less of an effect on ever more savvy and demanding gamers. Low texture bombs won't rate high this year like they did last year. Mass Effect worlds where butt ugly crap landscapes with little in them to interest the player are going to look sad beside streaming worlds with vast, interesting and detailed environments. Oooh look, a mineral deposit. Big deal. Orbiting a planet and reading a paragraph about it is not the same as exploring it. Shame on you Biowre. You had better start being a little more honest about games or your fans will eventually lite you up.

Silver3603934d ago

What happens when you fill up your 40 gig hard drive with preloaded data so that loading times are reduced? You do know that the speed of the drive is not getting any faster on the PS3's that are already sold? So will you have to delete data for your old games or just have your new games load slow? And free service does not mean better service. Sony has a history of just making things good enough, not excelling. The only reason the PS3 is they way it is because Kutaragi was embarrassed that the original Xbox was stronger than his PS2. They will make PSN good as close to XboxLive as possible or even better, but it will stop there. Companies don't waste resources that don't bring in revenue. Home will be the most ad driven place in the world. You may even have chairs in your virtual home sponsored by IKEA.


actually anyone who is buying a console right now will agree with this article.

I know i thought of alll this about 2 months ago when i bought my ps3.

sony bet the whole house on bluray. it could have been a tremendous loss for them.

out of the 2 (console/format), 1 war is won for sony. AGAIN...

now lets hope they focus all their minds in the gaming area and bless ps3 owners the same way they blessed ps1 and ps2 owners

Hatchetforce3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

You are smart enough to realize that players are almost always given an option to do preload installs. You know this right? Like with UT3 I chose not to do this and the load times are still great. Otherwise the auto load functions the same way as the original Xbox and overwrites have nothing to do with saved games or DLC. You know this right? You just brought this out as a point of debate I know. Otherwise you would be a retarded asshead fanboy looking for a nonexistent downside and I think you are above that, right?

The PS3 has more than two choices for upgrading HDDs, you know this right? Of course you do. Otherwise you would be just another troglodyte punk ass fanboy.

Sony's PSN is very young compared to MS but you expect them to snap their fingers and be right there. Okay. I guess you didn't cut MS any slack either did you when they were growing? I am guessing if I go look in the forums here I will see that you have been posting your ass off attacking MS for being unable to keep a paid service on the air recently. You did that right? Otherwise you are just a syphilitic acolyte that would say anything in the name of being a fanboy right? But you are above that right? I mean you wouldn't show your ass over that.

With Sony just announcing this past week the price for IPTV in the UK, Jack Tretton stating there will be a major announcement of the PSN revamp in less than 60 days, and HOME coming this year, there is no way you would be enough of a dumbass to act like Sony isn't fast tracking on building up PSN, right? I mean with LIVE being around so much longer the interactivity they are going to bring must be getting ready to release any day, right?

Like I said, try being a gamer first. If you can't do that then at least learn a little more about how the PS3 and it's games operate so you do not get gutted on a forum again. But I know you did this just so we could work together and inform the less knowledgeable folks that might be tempted to get on here and make some uninformed asinine comments that make them look like idiots. Thanks Silver.

robbo9183934d ago

He was embarrassed because Xbox was stronger than his PS2??? If you call outselling it by 115 million to whatever absurdly low number the original Xbox sold being embarrassed I think he will take that to the bank any day. As to Sony settling for just "good enough" versus M$ releasing crappy unfinished OS's, stealing Windows to begin with, RROD, 33% failure rate on the glorious X360, and well I don't have to go on showing how M$ only releases top notch products to the world. (I will give you that I am impressed with the table top pc thing M$ is working on). Both companies are out to make money, but you would be deluded if you think M$ puts out only the best products.

Kleptic3934d ago

yeah Silver360...your comment is so full of holes its ridiculous...

Sony is known for making things "just good enough"...ok...and MS is definitely known for being the only service available in that respective market, and in every single service except windows...never remains the mass choice...MS has lost the dl music war (albeit so did sony), lost home media center control, or is losing rather (not one credible source ever regarded a HD DVD equipped xbox 360 as "the best addition to your home theatre")...lost the first format war they got heavily involved in...and is failing at creating a unified gaming experience for PC users (uptake of games for windows live is extremely slow)...MS has windows...that is it...that is the only product/service they have that doesn't have extremely close competition...

the amount of potential the PSN has with Home is extremely high...XBL is great...but it is closed, and has not changed much in anything other than content...the PSN has grown with features since it went live, while it is true that it still lacks some very needed features that XBL already has, its quite obvious how much larger SCE's scope is with the PSN compared to xbl...

mikeslemonade3934d ago

I never said PSN is better than XBL. PSN is good enough for me because I don't want to pay $50 a year. Both services are improving. In some cases PSN is better than xbl like better downloadable games, web browser, and dedicated servers for some games. As far as im concerned XBL should beat PSN everywhere becasue you pay money for that and that's not the case. Come back to me when you play DMC4 when the 360 load times are absurd. And most of the games that have the longest install are single player games, so when you finish a single player game you're not going to come back to it so you can delete it. And DMC4 is 5 gigs install and that's the biggest i've seen. Most games that have it is like 1 gig. Ninja Gaiden install was around 1 gig.

Pain3934d ago

And it Still wont cheap A 360 kool >.>

But yea fence sitters on the HD format thing will now go blu cuz its the smart choice.

More power in PS3 + bluRay = bigger and better games

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power of Green 3934d ago

Because they wan't movies instead of service and games?.

TANOD3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

FF13,MGS4,LBP,KZ2,RESISTANCE,W KS,MOTORSTOR 2,HS2(perhaps),Uncharted 2 (perhaps),WAR DEVIL,GT5 ----the BEST LINEUP of games ever

FF13 is the biggest game of 2008

MGS4 is the 2nd biggest games of 2008

KZ2/RESISTANCE 2/GT5/LBP fights for the 3rd SPOT

There is no way THAT STELLAR LINEUP could be fought


you will certainly see what happens in 2008


There are not just a few sequels

a whole lot actually vs Bioshock and Gears ---which are also PC game

However UT3 looks and plays better than Gears (Mark said that himself . google for numerous articles on THIS)


power of Green 3934d ago

Then why would any 360 owner get rid of his 360 for PS3 and its few sequels that supposedly justifies the PS3's purchase according to what PS3 fanboys repeat every day(FF/MG4/GT5). lol

games4fun3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

white knight story, i'm more hyped for that game than ff although i really want to play ff too

also the problem with msft lineup is its all unproven ips that could do horrible

ruibing3934d ago

@power of Green
Services that are subscription based and not always reliable versus one that is free and improving at a rapid pace.

I have no illusion that it won't be a difficult to battle the Wii on the casual and then the well established 360 on the hardcore market, but anyone that just rules out the PS3 is underestimating it. Sony is really starting to get their act together in terms of the software and interoperability between their devices.

I did not sell a 360 to purchase a PS3, but I made my choice half a year ago to get a PS3 and Sony has never made me regret my choice. I don't know how many 360 users can say that about MS and I don't care, this fact alone is enough for me

Devr3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

There's plenty of original titles for Ps3 in 2008. For example Littlebigplanet, Infamous, Heavy rain and White Knight Chronicles.

Edit: D'oh, forgot Haze. Is 5 new IP's enough for you?

gamesR4fun3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

naw its cause they want service games reliability better online and free but ya the movies dont hurt...
but hey you already know how much better the ps3 is dont ya?!
Really you should buy one trust me you'll spend a lot more time playing..
n maybe a little less here putting up with the crap...

Bubble Buddy3934d ago

Same as u 360 ppl repeat the same things... ninja gaiden 2, gears of war 2, halo wars or halo 50 for all i care, and SCC, seriously, only game i want there is gears 2 maybe and splinter cell since they copied jason bourne so much, but bourne conspiracy is coming out so naw im good

MrWeymes3934d ago

Your avatar should be changed to the RROD. I just got my Xbox360 back from repairs, and I'm worried it may blow up.

richie007bond3934d ago

WOW 31 disagrees,they should really change the name of this site to news for sony fanboys,this site as become a drones nest for fooking fanboys its pathetic.

robbo9183934d ago

The problem with PoG is that for the most part he only spews M$ love and gets upset with anything Sony. I personally hate M$ with a passion but I only toss disagrees on some Xbots comments that are so deluded (IMO) that its fun for me.

Before you mark me off as a Sony lover (which I admit is true) I do mark disagrees on some extreme Sony fanboys also, too far either direction is bad. I have even let some of PoG's comments slide by when he isn't being stupid. The fact that PS3 has plenty of games out there proves they are not just about movies, but Sony had to focus a bit on that to win the HDDVD war, now that it is over I think you will see them come out with more and more big games (2008's lineup is a big example). The constant screaming that X360 has more units sold as a sign they have won despite the fact they won't admit they have an entire year extra in sales is another reason I tend to notch a disagree to the likes of PoG and a couple of his fellow rabid XBots (we all know them by now).

thetruthinator3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

in his defense, he has an interesting comment. look at the article (well even that is a misnomer)... its a blog.

the article's main point rests on "Blu-Ray’s whomping victory over HD-DVD", later saying that the ps3's blu ray drive is going to drive console sales for PEOPLE WHO WANT HIGH DEFINITION MOVIES.

Blue ray is winning but what does that really mean? its a percentage... more people buy blu-ray as opposed to HD-DVD.

But overall i would wager that the overall sales are just a drop in the bucket when compared to dvd sales.

I do have an High def tv, but i cannot afford to replace my collection of 100+ dvds with blu-ray disks (that run $20 to $30 at

the market has been very slow to adopt a new standard, and by the time it is of any significance there will likely be a new Xbox out for several years at that point. (and i bet at that point the ps3 will sell craploads of hardware even if ps4 is out... just because it has a blu-ray drive)

3934d ago
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Gazman3934d ago

Who knows, only time will tell

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toughNAME3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

this is the same guy who wrote this

"buy a ps3 instead of 360 for COD4 even tho 360 has COD4"

...what an attention whore

Pandaren003934d ago

you make it seem like you're jealous of all the attention he gets.