Editorial: Microsoft Doesn't Owe You Anything for Xbox Live Issues

For weeks now, Xbox Live has been struggling to provide the usually hassle-free experience that the service provides. The massive influx of new users and traffic from the holidays is no doubt the route of the problem, and Microsoft's inability to promptly "fix" Live (certain issues are still lingering one third of the way into January) in a timely fashion has led to outcries of the community in the form of calls for refunds, free extensions on Live subscriptions, and even a lawsuit.

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jack who3930d ago

they Owe me a free xbla.

unlimited3930d ago

thats right you pay 50 dollars so micrsoft can do whatever they want because they have control over it..

stupid article..

mikeslemonade3930d ago

They should or we will refuse to pay $50 and stick with the improving PSN.

NEO_X3929d ago

It Microsoft hadn't already upset a lot of gamers with there past problems. especially the whole red ring deal. I remember they weren't even going to help the original people who's 360 flopped on them,
not until they got enough of a outcry in which they upped the warranty.

Now this is not in anyway a diss on the box I think they have made some major improvements over the original box and continue popping out great games but lets face it people are just getting tired of spending money and not getting 100 % of what they are told they will experience.

Some people say this will push people toward ps3 and although a few might take that path I seriously doubt that a lot will.

I have said it once and ill say it again they should just send ten dollars worth of points and a big apology to every Xbox live user I know most people would feel less screwed over if they did.

It takes a lot to apologize and I know that but in this case I think they really should say hey we screwed up here is a gift for your troubles and we hope you continue to enjoy our service.

sorry for the rant :)

Lifendz3929d ago

"We’re getting to a point in the console wars where the PlayStation 3 looks like a more and more viable gaming platform"

I know 2 guys that recently got a PS3 due to poor customer service and faulty hardware. (Once you get a broken 360 it seems like MS just sends you another broken one)

I have 1 more friend I'm working on getting a PS3. His 360 is currently sitting in his bedroom collecting dust because it has the RROD and MS is telling him his repair order won't go through.

MS has already shot themselves in the foot.

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TrevorPhillips3930d ago

fuk u actually read that its long =]

Blackfrican3929d ago

Playstasian pwns. WIth atleast 600% more confirmed exlclusives to japan how can i lose. Add in free online and my internets doesnt get shut down by Americans(microsoft) cuz they are noobs to get ready for american holidays like kwanzaa.

Lord Anubis3930d ago

in the immortal words of krisonrik: "The ass kissing sound is loud and clear"

Jinxstar3930d ago

I wish the XBLA community would do a mass quit to show MS they can fight back. It's not the customers fault but they sure seem to try and make it sound that way...

Mr Marbles3930d ago

WTF are you talking about, MS didn't even bring up this TOS, the writer of this article did, MS has said the down time is their fault and they apologize, so what on earth are you talking about?

Also, pretty much all companies have similar small print in their TOS, you dults should take a look at them sometime.

Gondee3930d ago

Why would i fight back. I love the service they have. And im more than willing to pay for it. thats why i do pay for it.

You know thaat they kept staff away from there familes on christmas, to provide a service that there family may or may not care about. that says there trying as hard as possiable to fix it. thats all one can ask for.

On the other hand if PSN went down i wouldnt care as much.beause most of my time is spent in single player.

Jinxstar3930d ago

Truth is IMHO. Look at World of Warcraft. More players consistently using the servers and when they go down the longest I ever experienced in almost 2 years of playing was less then a day. They have a consistent playerbase running the servers constantly. MS has more money and less users consistently and subscribed to their network and it has been on the fritz. I was unable to rent a movie for over a week and a half on XBL... It's a paid service hence I think we should get our moneys worth. Thats all. I am about to cancel my account for gold. I dont care what you guys do. I just thought it would be interesting kinda how everyone cancelled their accounts for Gamespot...

jackdoe3930d ago

That is a pretty sneaky ToS clause. You pay for a service that MS doesn't guarantee will work 100% of the time.

v1c1ous3930d ago

so yes the ToS is sneaky, but if in 5 years the service has been practically spotless, is it really as drastic as the n4g sonyforce is making it out to be?

if you go by the articles approved in N4g, you would NO ONE is being able to play or even log onto their xbox. when that isnt the case.

i dont need to remind people how ps3 cod4 didnt work for the first 2 weeks, or fifa. or how after an update a lot of ps3s couldnt even access the internet.

but no, 2 weeks in which a selective amount of people have issues joining games, which has gone down, and everyone is crying out foul?

jackdoe3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

The difference is that you pay in one case and in the other you don't and that is a very big difference. CoD 4 and Fifa are unacceptable, and Activision are rightly getting a lot of heat for it. Hell, I am angry at IW for CoD4. But I don't pay for online. And if you want to get into firmware updates, remember that 360 firmware update that bricked 360s?