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To have transformable jets in the follow-up game to Warhawk feels like a natural evolution for Sony's flight combat series. Starhawk's multiplayer showcases this with superb results, so it's that much more of a mystery that the same can't be said about its other modes.

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BabyTownFrolics3327d ago

started playing last night and I am having a blast. I never played Warhawk, but I was a huge fan of Star Wars Battlefront, and this feels like the closest thing to SW:BF out there. The RTS/Tower Defense elements are fun. I really enjoyed setting up a base around the flag and then heading out, there are really cool thrilling moments too, like when I was playing zones and I thought I was being all sneaky and then a transformer landed and tried to attack me but I captured the zone just in time and a teammate's pod rained down from the heavens and squashed his ass. great game and fun.

shammgod3327d ago

I haven't played zones yet, but the mp games I have played so far have been incredible. CTF and TDM. the game is well polished and vehicle combat and ground combat is fun as hell. They really did a good job with this and giving the new DLC maps for free is an added bonus

dooge3327d ago

The atmosphere in this game is awesome.

neutralgamer193327d ago

Dooge said it best lol "atmosphere is awesome" there is no way you can play this game and not feel as if your in an all out war!!!!!!! I was playing on (well i forgot the level)" and all i could think about was how to kill the tanks that were pounding at our base. Luckily few players had mics and we said you know what everybody tank up and we destroyed them (by the way tanks are very powerful). This game is all out war frm start to finish.

And as the others have mentioned up top this game is "well polished" and has so much to offer. I played the coop rounds last night and those were so fun as well. The most robust and well rounded mp ive played in a long time. The build and battle system is so epic, as well as all the cool vehicles.

NeoTribe3327d ago

I really love the base building aspect of the game. Has me hooked.

cfountain3327d ago

im loving it right now. both multi and single player are fun. Prospector mode is tough to play by yourself tho. I get to round 5 and get got by something. still fun tho.

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