Under-7s 'should be banned from playing computer games or risk damaging their brains'

Children should be banned from playing computer games until the age of seven because the technology is "rewiring" their brains, it is claimed.

Bombardment of the senses with fast-pace action games is said to be causing a shortening of attention span, harming the ability to learn.

Educational psychologist Jane Healy said research indicated that computer games fuelled the development of basic "flight or fight" instincts rather than considered reasoning.

"If you watch kids on a computer, most of them are just hitting keys or moving the mouse as fast as they can. It reminds me of rats running in a maze."

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sehnsucht3936d ago

I guess this COULD be right; but, on the other hand, maybe their brains can just process things faster than the people observing...

Mr Tretton3936d ago

It could be true. Too much hyper stimulation on a young child's brain could make them very uninterested in learning from a book. They really don't need to play video games before 7 anyway. They have the rest of their lives to do that.

gamesR4fun3936d ago

games are great learning tools.

ThatArtGuy3936d ago

First, give them Brain Academy or learning software. Secondly, it's UP TO THE PARENTS to nurture/enforce a desire to learn.

NeonSkull3936d ago

i aint even going to real this article, its from the
I live in the uk and you just dont listen to that piece of **** paper, they hate every thing about video games, and love trying to be a moral spokeman for the people that like to think they know what is best for over people.

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The story is too old to be commented.