PC Gamers Saved The Alan Wake Franchise writes: Alan Wake has been a successful adventure for Remedy and PC gamers; in just 48 hours the Finnish developer managed to recoup marketing and development costs, debuted at number one on the Steam charts, and has captivated the long forgotten PC audience. Not bad for a game that launched two years prior as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

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NYC_Gamer2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

PC gamers brought Remedy profit within hours....hope the studio remembers that and continues to support PC digital services....

SeekDev2355d ago

I'll be getting it one day on PC, just I only buy games on PC when Steam does their huge sales. After all, no one's made of money.

StayStatic2355d ago

Currently 50% off on Steam , think ill grab this one :)


ATi_Elite2354d ago

PC, only saving Gaming Since 1942!

Y_51502355d ago

I think Alan Wake should be on the PS3 soon! It'll save it even more and Alan Wake is practically the only game that I wish I had a Xbox 360. Not getting it for PC.

Skate-AK2355d ago

Sadly they said that an Alan Wake title will never come to PS3.

Y_51502355d ago

Ok well that sucks! The game looks sort of unique!

WitWolfy2354d ago

Dont get me wrong Alan Wake is good but not THAT GOOD. And seeing you got a PS3 try Alone in the Dark Inferno. Just as good and has more or less the same mechanics as Alan Wake. Plus they fixed the game intensely since the 360 version released back in 2008.

FarCryLover1822355d ago

Didn't it sell well on 360 though? Like 1 million copies? Those numbers aren't too shabby. Maybe Alan Wake 2 will launch simultaneously on Xbox and PC platforms?

hellerphant2355d ago

1.4 million copies over 2.5 years with 5 years worth of development costs doesn't seem like a success when RDR sells 10 million and has half the dev time.

Even less of a success when the PC version sells 600,000 + in the first two months.

Totoro172355d ago

wow that's wild...nice stats, hellerphant ;)

StrongMan2355d ago

MS had to bundle it just to push it over 1 million and like hellerphant said, with 5 years of development only 1 million sales is a loss. Why do you think they had to release a PC version when initially they said there would be no PC version. They had to make some of that money back that they lost on the Xbox version.

FarCryLover1822355d ago

You all make valid points. At least Remedy are doing well and I see on their website that they are hiring. Hopefully Alan Wake 2 comes to all platforms. I don't want to see this series come to a halt until it's time.

SKUD2355d ago

I bought one of those bundles. It also included forza 3. I wanted to play it. I did n and was disappointed. Since it was a digital copy of the game im stuck with it forever. The game didnt do well for a reason.

The idea seemed good. Too many road blocks, platform chage, in-game ads and longer then normal development time didnt help. Its good that they were able to make something out of it. AW2 needs a reboot.

blue7_72355d ago

Yeah it sold 1.5 million the Xbox 360 version according to Remedy but the PC version pushed it over 2 million. So it did good on the 360 version this website just needs hits.

@hellerphant not the same how many people worked on Red dead like hundreds while remedy only has like 35 who worked on alan wake which is why they took so long since they are a small team.

FarCryLover1822355d ago

I think RDR had development costs around 100 million.

hellerphant2355d ago

The PC version has sold almost HALF the amount of the Xbox 360 version in only two months. It has taken 2 YEARS for the 360 version to sell 1.4 million, and a good chunk of those would have been from the free downloads bundled by MS!

blue7_72355d ago

@hellerphant I never said that the PC version did bad it's doing great so far but the Xbox 360 did 1.5 million can you seriously say that's bad? It sold 1 million on it's own then it was bundled with an online code then it added another half a million. But why does that matter uncharted 2 was really really heavily bundled probably the most bundled game this gen yet no one bashes the sells for that so why alan Wake? Hypocritical don't you think.

Like farcry said it was rumored that red dead cost 100 million and it needed to sell 4 million just to break even go google it but that's because it had a a huge team they laid of 40 people once it was done it was big controversy. While remedy only had like 30-35 team so you do the math a team that consists of hundreds of people 200 or even 300 people or a team that consist of 30 to 35 people which do you think is more expensive.

Also Red dead redepmtion was in development since 2005 or at least a trailer was shown to people at that time which is the same year alan wake was also shown. So no it did not have half of the development time that alan wake did it was the same at least get your facts correct.

JsonHenry2355d ago

Every company turns to Steam/Digital PC sales when they need to turn a profit. Even though everyone beats the "PC gaming is dead!" drum the developers know better.

thebudgetgamer2355d ago

The only people I ever see harping on the pc gaming is dead thing are pc gamers.

CaptCalvin2354d ago

Yea for a reason. We're getting way too many dumb console ports. There are less and less real PC games. I'm not just talking about graphics either. DICE thinks BF3's shiny graphics and claiming it was developed PC first can fool people when in reality it's really just console gameplay. So dumbed down from BF2.

MySwordIsHeavenly2355d ago

I'm glad. It's a fantastic game. :)

I actually bought it today for PC. It was $15 on sale. (Steam)

I played it for 360 and loved it. It's just sad that my PC can't even run it on the lowest settings... -_-

hellerphant2355d ago

I have it on both platforms also, and I much prefer it on the PC. It just feels right! Imagine if they opened up mod support for this beast!

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