News: Pokémon Ranger Sequel Heading To DS

In the latest issue of CoroCoro Nintendo have confirmed that they are releasing a sequel to Pokémon Ranger for the DS. The original game steered away from the main Pokémon series and had you play a very different RPG experience. You played a Ranger on the island of Fiore and had to capture the critters in a unique way - using the stylus to draw circles around the Pokémon to capture them and set out on different missions with them - your squad of Pokémon's moves being useful in varied situations.

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TrevorPhillips3930d ago

i love pokemon games there all awesome i got all parts cant wait for this 1 thanxs for the news pal =]

Jdash243930d ago

i agree. The gameboy pokemons were the most addictive games i played as a kid. I have yet to pick up the new ds ones but i hear they're really fun.

as for this game, it should be very fun, i played the first one, and catching pokemon was really fun in that one

lewis3745d ago