1UP previews Final Fantasy IV - Offers more than just a pretty facelift

By 1UP's count, the single most remade and re-released role-playing game in history is the original Final Fantasy, which throughout its lifetime has appeared nearly a dozen different times on consoles, portable systems and even mobile phones. No doubt it's lonely at the top (assuming "death by milking" could be considered an accomplishment), but perhaps not for much longer -- at this rate, the fourth Final Fantasy may be joining its earliest progenitor at the top of the remake heap before long. Counting the severely neutered bastardization of the game that was brought to America as Final Fantasy II, the DS remake of 16-bit classic Final Fantasy IV represents the game's sixth version to date.

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PS360WII3936d ago

Give us a release date already Square Enix!

n_n3936d ago

this will give me my JRPG fix until the PS3 finally gets one :P

KidMakeshift3936d ago

Remake FFVI already!

How was the FFIII remake for the DS?

jackdoe3936d ago

It was pretty good. Random encounters were too frequent though and the story is nonexistant.

jackdoe3936d ago

Can't wait for this game. Going to look good next to FFIII DS and Crisis Core PSP.

Night4ll3935d ago

I need more final fantasy... it seems like everything b4 ff7 was great (with ff7 being the best) and everything afterwards is just meh... I'm playing 7 over now (remote play rules...). FF III was pretty damn good, this like its going to be great too...

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