Xbox Live Problems

NextGen Gamers writes:

"Welcome to day 19 of Microsoft's Xbox Live Issues. NextGEN Gamers can still not confirm what has been the actual cause, but we can confirm the following is still happening."

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Juevani3935d ago

U get what u pay for, hahaha..

kalistyles3935d ago

Wait here's a free game for the trouble. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Free game. Give me a break. I'd rather them keep that and tell me what the deal is. News just gets better everyday for MS. People will start defecting from the 360 if this keeps up. Count on it. Already 2 of my friends are done with it, because of this reason. Nevermind the RROD that plaged them also. They finally listened to me though and they love the PS3. And the free online and Blu Ray. They know whats up. Good luck 360 owners. Your gonna need it.

THX71683935d ago

I have had to endure the pain of 8 Xbox 360 deaths (6 of which were due to the RRoD) but that does not change the fact that there are some really great games on the 360.

I'd understand if your buddies were tight on cash and decided to sell the 360 for a PS3 rather than having both but who in their right mind would switch from a 360 to a PS3.

I love my PS3 just as much as my 360 but I just find that to be kind of stupid.

All that aside, I really hope MS fixes the server issues by the time I get my 360s back from the repair center (which should be in about 2 weeks).

joemomma3935d ago

Ours is free and works perfectly yet you have to pay for service that doesnt work? This world is one strange being.

Rocko3935d ago

b/c I haven't been able to play COD 4 on my PS3 in days.

AllroundGamer3935d ago

the logging in is taking forever, and even then it is not 100% sure, that you will be online... MS must have very lame programmers.

Flying_Squirrel3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Lame Programmers? Dude - you are 100% correct, when I read your comment, the first thing that popped into my mind was Windows Vista.

Back on topic though, how can a company that is worth Uber Billions, allow these sorts of problems to happen with their online service?

All this is doing is hurting the overall image of the 360, I'm not a fanboy for any machine, I just love games but the fact that they cannot sort out Live is really starting to annoy me. If an ISP was having those sorts of problems everyone would be raising hell about it.

MS need to get it sorted out and tell us the reason as well, we deserve to know why they are been so incompetent.

niall773935d ago

... are getting to learn what microsoft products are all about.


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The story is too old to be commented.