Sony Online Entertainment plans to invade PSN in 2008

PS3 Fanboy writes:
What's Sony Online Entertainment up to? Surely you'd think they've got big plans for the PS3, since it's got a huge, open online network to spread their wings and make some stuff for. It seems they are planning stuff for 2008 and we're glad that most of what's planned sounds pretty darn good.

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Skerj3933d ago

I hope The Wheel and Jeopardy are online on PSN, if so I'm buying them instantly. The news I'm most interested in is the DC comics game, we've not seen any info or footage of it but they're still working on it. ..interesting.

GIJeff3933d ago

be sweet if in those gameshows you could win money in your PSN account. Or say, PS HOME items.

HarryEtTubMan3933d ago

I'll take The Penis Mightier for 200$, Trebek.(can't wait for Jeopardy)

bootsielon3933d ago

That would be utterly awesome. Especially if they constantly add new information, and give you hints on what to study before playing.

LJWooly3933d ago

I really don't get Sony sometimes. I mean, they own all this crap in the entertainment industry, but they don't take full advantage of any of it.

For instance:

--> Sony Pictures Entertainment
--> Columbia TriStar
--> Sony Pictures Classics
--> Screen Gems
--> Sony Pictures Television
--> AXN
--> Animax Japan
--> SoapCity
--> GAME SHOW NETWORK (50% with Liberty Media)
--> Movielink (jointly owned with Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal studios and Warner Bros. Studios)
--> Sony BMG Music Entertainment (50% with Bertelsmann)
Labels include: Arista Records, BMG Classics, BMG Heritage, BMG International Companies, Columbia Records, Epic Records, J Records, Jive Records, LaFace Records, Legacy Recordings, RCA Records, RCA Victor Group, RLG - Nashville, Sony Classical, Sony Music International, Sony Music Nashville, Sony Wonder, So So Def Records, Verity Records
--> Sony/ATV Music Publishing (joint venture with Michael Jackson)
-->Music Choice (venture with Time Warner, EMI, Motorola, Microsoft, and several cable companies: Cox, Comcast, Adelphia, Time Warner Cable)

Now, imagine if all the above was intergrated into PSN. How amazing would that be? An online service second to none! Hell, i'd even pay for it!

Skerj3933d ago

If Howard Stringer's recent comments are anything to go by, they intend on utilizing all of that to transform the PSN into more than just a game network. Really, I just want the store redesigned and more original PSN downloadable games because I love the current ones. The rest of the stuff will HOPEFULLY be fixed when Home arrives, ingame XMB included.

LJWooly3933d ago

I sure as hell hope so, skerj.

I'd hate to think Sony would get lazy on it's loyal customers, but PSN does seem on track to trump all other online services inside of a few years.

A redesign of the store would be great, as well. they should have integrated it into the XMB, somehow, rather than loading it onto a webpage, which makes browsing through games a chore.

I'd also like to see some better classics on the store. I mean, crash Bandicoot 1 & 2 are great, so is Crash Team Racing, and there are some other good ones on there, but only amongst all the crap ones. Kula World? WTH?! I want MGS, not 'G-Police'.

Skerj3933d ago

Man you have a DAMN good point on that one. Seriously, JetMoto? That game was cool back then but now, hell where's GT and GT2? Those are first party titles and they should have no problem adding them to the store. That's one area I truly feel they're slipping up and I hope they stop, with all of the games that were released on PS1 they could put at LEAST 2 a week up and we'd all be satisfied because it shows effort.

LJWooly3933d ago

Exactly, my friend.

Sony haven't let us down as of yet, I really hope they don't start now.
I mean, classic PS1 games may not be the biggest deal to some people, but for a lot of us, they bring back some fond memories, and I like a bit of nostalgia to take me back a bit.

I was recently at a party with my PS3, and we were all gonna play some split-screen Call of Duty 4, but as I scrolled over to 'Game' on the XMB, someone said "Crash Team Racing? Hey, I remember that!" so, everyone started begging me to play it. And that's what we did all night. Played battle mode on CTR, and we all had fun.

You should never underestimate the power of nostalgia.

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ForTheFallen3933d ago

Sony has so much sheer potential it's really amazing, as LJWooly specified. Once they get going, NOTHING will stop them...

LJWooly3933d ago

Thanks for the mention, fallen :)

And yeah, they do have the potential, right now they just need to take advantage of their assets, and, as skerj said, if Howard Stringer's recent comments are anything to go by, they intend on utilizing all of that to transform the PSN into more than just a game network.

I, for one, can't wait. I mean, 2008 looks good enough, think of what could come in 2009. Makes me feel warm inside :D

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