HD DVD backers reeling as Blu-Ray shines at electronics show

Glenn Chapman writes:

"LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AFP) - HD DVD backers are reeling at the world's top consumer electronics show in the wake of a major blow by rival Blu-Ray in the battle to be the reigning format for high density DVDs."

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TANOD3958d ago

they are now being PWNED by even MS backed VIRAL MEDIA

BrianC62343958d ago

Why was this article posted today? It's a week old.

HondaSIRowner3958d ago

The whole of 2007 saw Blu-ray, each month and week selling better than HD-DVD.

Oh well its almost over now!

BR takes the win!

whoelse3958d ago

Im tired of this now. I just want it to end. I can see the end but its taking too long to get there.

wallace10003958d ago

Agreed. One format would be nice now. Time for toshiba to start making blu-ray players and all is good.

Darkiewonder3958d ago

Then we won't see anything about blu-ray/HD-DVD or any movie releases please. thanks.

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