Hitachi, Toshiba and Fujitsu to form Hard Drive company?


"We haven't been able to confirm this, but we've heard it now from a couple of people: Hitachi, the Japanese conglomerate, is talking to Toshiba and Fujitsu about forming a new company dedicated to hard drives and storage systems.

The new company would combine the limping hard drive divisions of Hitachi and Toshiba as well as some of the storage systems technology from Fujitsu. Each would own a third."

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TANOD3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

if true

HDD market will be monopolized if these 3 join hands.

However Samsung already rules the HDD and RAM markets

@SEAGATE is a cheap choice for people short of cash. same goes to MAXTOR.

However people with a little more money always choose HITACHI/SAMSUNG

SEAGATE and MAXTOR will disappear in the upcoming years

ruibing3934d ago

I think Seagate (which includes Maxtor) rules in terms of Hard Drives, with Western Digital following closely now that they have secured their own manufacturing facilities.

Kakkoii3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

The picture isn't irrelevant "MaximusPrime"

It's a Hard Drive motorcycle. Made entirely of hard drive parts. So it is entirely relevant to the story in the fact of it being made of hard drives.

It's hard to find a picture to suit this kind of story. So I thought that would be a good one.

MaximusPrime3934d ago

sorry my bad. i didnt know it is a HDD motorcycle.

Nice image thou.

Bombomb3934d ago

many technologies. I wonder if sony will have to use these HDD's on the next console...

Now why was samsung left out of this?

All of these companies are big players in desktop/laptop/mp3 drives...

ruibing3934d ago

I think my PS3 uses a Western Digital hard drive. Seagate hard drives performs better and more reliably from my experience, but WD ones are much more silent.

jorellpogi3934d ago

I believe that the reason for this joint venture is to cut cost and maximize their profits. With their combined technology of hard drives they might build a new one that outperforms the products of the other hard drive companies.

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