PlayStation 3 is not the sure-fire next-gen winner

Sony Computer Entertainment Ireland MD Niall O'Hanrahan has said the success of the PlayStation 3 is not a done deal. Speaking to the Irish Times, O'Hanrahan has declared, somewhat contradicting what has already been said by Sony, that the next-gen console war is far from over, and Sony's success with the PlayStation 3 is not as certain as other Sony bigwigs would have you believe.

jiggajayp6321d ago

Even their own employees don`t have faith in the console because they know all of the follies that are plagueing the ps3! M$ will win this console war! Sony is trying to push this blu-ray thing too hard at the expense of ps3 fans! That`s why M$ didn`t put 1080P and HD-DVD into the 360 as a standard because it would have driven up production and the overall cost of the XBOX360! So, what do you do, you add on a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray external, that way if one fails the other, you are still not stuck with one as a standard! Sony isn`t concerned with PS3 fans as a whole! They are only concerned with the success of the Blu-Ray player!!!! That`s why they are forcing it the poor ps3 fans! Sony sucks for this and will in the end, lose most of their fanbase to Microsoft and nintendo as a result! watch and see! I used to be a sony fan, now what do you see as my profile picture? XBOX 360 ALL THE WAY BABY!

Retard6321d ago

I'm not a fan of one over the other so I guess I'm rich enough to buy them both?

500-600$ I'm (17) and I'll be able to afford it whenever. Same was for X360.

USMChardcharger6321d ago (Edited 6321d ago )

one thing about 1080P or just HD in general is that about 5% of the population in the US have one.

no kidding. my friend of the local channel 42 news was talking about this yesterday.
he was telling me they broadcast in HD but that only 5% of the viewers has HD.

so you can only guess how many have a TV that displays 1080P.

they only reason they went ahead and upgraded their station to run an HD broadcast is because all stations by law will have to broadcast in HD by 2008 or something like that. so they went ahead now than latter.

Gamer God6321d ago

Just because you can afford it doesn't meen you should buy it. I'll wait for the finnished product before i decice to purchase. I'll tell you this much though, it is way to high.

Jay da 2KBalla6321d ago (Edited 6321d ago )

This is hilarious and I seem to remember another sony employee who had some negative comments about sony hmmmmmmmmmm and he got fired just for telling the truth and being honest. Well I wonder if sony will fire the head of their ireland team simply because he also is telling the truth and acknowledging other consoles as competitors. I wonder what ever happened to the 360 is not a threat lol. Wonder what phil harrison has to say now. hmmmmmmmm lmao

jigga jay I agree.

TheMART6321d ago

The rats are leaving the ship for sure.

First the PR lady which has been around for years and years ran, now this guy talks.

Oh yep I feel it coming, the Delay&LieStations area comes to an end real soon

Gamer136321d ago

Sony im speachless ill just keep playing my xbox 360. but when ever your PS3 comes out ill get 1 and a Wii aswell.

zypher6321d ago is saying that "We're confident we'll win" an arrogant statement, as everyone likes to imply?

Jay da 2KBalla6321d ago

Thats not arrogant, what's arrogant is saying things like microsoft isnt a threat and people will buy the ps3 no matter what even if it didnt have games is arrogant as hell.