CES 2008: The best of Blu-ray players

Steven Kim writes:

"It was a blowout CES for Blu-ray, and it all started even before the first day of the show with Warner's announcement. With manufacturer and studio support, the format was primed, and the addition of BD Live brought feature parity to Blu-ray and HD DVD. There was a definite feeling that it's okay to come into the water now, and we expect 2008 will see more expansion of the format still."

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Relcom3957d ago

PS3 is the best Blu-Ray player.....

level 3603956d ago

It says Marantz though... for the extreme-end of the market who goes for pure quality in all fronts ( audio/video buffs, big studios and the likes ) and don't care about the price.
PS3 is well a PS3, it's versatile but never as a stand alone player - ( even most gamers' ) buy another Blu-Ray equipment for viewing movies.