HD Remasters on the Wii U: Nintendo’s Unexplored Territory

Nintendo will be entering the brave world of HD later this year with the release of the Wii U and whether you like it or not, Nintendo is going to release HD remasters of classic games for the launch and probably at least for the first year afterward. We’ve seen ports happen for every Nintendo console since day one, the NES had arcade ports, the Super Nintendo had NES ports and the Wii U will no doubt see ports from the previous consoles.

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PopRocks3593428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Because their 3D remakes on the 3DS were that well received? If people did not want to pick up a remastered version of Ocarina of Time with improved graphics, what makes anyone think that people will go for an updated version of Wind Waker or Twilight Princess in HD?

It's unfortunate since OoT 3D is actually quite good. People seem to have had enough with rereleases though.

As for old school titles, just let me import my Wii VC games. That's better than buying them again.

--Onilink--3428d ago

who says it didnt do well??? or got bad reviews?? as far as i know, it got positive reviews and sold a lot

PopRocks3593427d ago

People often cited the 3D remakes as part of the 3DS' former software problem. I love Star Fox 3D and Zelda 3D, but whenever I see threads about them, it's mostly people complaining.

--Onilink--3427d ago

whenever you see threads of anything its almost always complaining, people who are happy with something are usually not as vocal as people who want to complain about something.

That doesnt really mean the game was poorly received or didnt sold well enough

mike1up3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Personally I think that they could have done a 2D version of Ocarina of Time, and it would have sold just as well. But, that's just me.

"As for old school titles, just let me import my Wii VC games. That's better than buying them again."

I wish that I could give you 10 Bubble Up votes for that statement alone! That is the issue that people should be raising hell about, not HD/3D remakes.

sinclaircrown3428d ago

I wouldn't say people are over remakes. I see people constantly talk about old games they'd love to see on todays consoles with modern graphics.

Not to mention the 3ds is a handheld with a screen so small it hurts my eyes after more than a few minutes. I could see them doing some kind of HD collection like MGS just did.

stragomccloud3428d ago

Oh my gods yes to the Rogue Squadron games and Episode I racer(One my my N64 favs).

And to everything else on the list. Take my money!

PerpetualMathx103428d ago

donkey kong 64, or star fox 64 would be much welcomed but true hd remakes because the 3ds doesnt represent the views of older nintendo fans, so as to if they were well received on the 3ds doesnt mean much, it still after all is only a handheld system so...when has the nintendo community ever been on the same page when it comes to handheld games and console games that nintendo puts out.

Moerdigan3428d ago

making older games suitable for HD resolution, and maybe polishing some rough edges is good enough.

I think doing entire remakes is time that could have been spent on making new games.

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