New bullet riddled footage from The Club

Xbox 360 Fanboy writes:
GameTrailers has posted some new footage from the upcoming Bizarre Creations arcade shooter The Club. A fast paced action game in the vein of Geometry Wars (with a few more polygons added), the game rewards players for dispatching enemies and dispatching them quickly. Featured prominently on the game's HUD is a score multiplier that increases with each successive kill. Wait too long and the multiplier drains fast. It's an interesting way to treat a third person shooter, and frankly it's a welcome change. Sometimes you don't want to bother with all that thinky-stinky stuff required by the likes of Rainbow Six and GRAW, you know? Also, given that the game's stages are really more like courses, leaderboard hogs should definitely be keeping an eye on The Club. Now where's that US demo?

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mighty_douche3936d ago

Played the Demo, Deleted the demo... no thanks.

SoulBrotha32923936d ago

THis game seems whack, but graphics and well somethings are good but this is the 360 version ( u can see the achievemnet pop up when he is playin in the first vid) and the graphics look great as usual

poos33936d ago

this game is garbage never downlaoded and never cared for it