Blu-ray wins battle over HD DVD format proclaim pundits

Pundits have begun to proclaim an end to the high-definition disc format war, declaring a victory for the Blu-ray Disc led by Sony over rival HD DVD backed by Toshiba and Microsoft. The war may not be over, but now with the backing of five major studios, the end may be near.

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HarryEtTubMan3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Stop reporting Real articles involving Sony, and the PS3 owning Microsft JEALOUS, LOSER XBOTS.

Barreldragon003935d ago

And now with most newspapers and websites declaring Blu-rays victory people who were holding off on getting a HD movie player are going to start to buy Blu-ray.

TANOD3935d ago

I am happy that the stupid format war is over

I am even more happier that BD won

Antiomo3935d ago

sorry xbots were wrong about hd-dvd... and soon they are going to be wrong about digital distribution.

Infrastructure is not there and I dont expect a regular joe will be knowledgeble or have the patience to download movies.

Ares843935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

....when CD's died because digital music distribution took over??? You don't??? None of you???? Because it never happend...and music downloads are around for 10 years or so and people still buy discs!! Why?? Not everyone has the patients or the smarts to download music or some people like a hard copy of their favorite album. Also you could download movies from the net for about 10 years as well...that didn't stop DVD's getting big!! Some kind of format will always distribution will never take over....maybe 500years from now!! But not in the near future!

What Microsoft fails to see is that this is nothing new!!

Ares843935d ago

"Toshiba is maintaining its backing for HD DVD but Microsoft is notably restrained in its encouragement, although it has said it is totally committed to the format and has now plans to build Blu-ray devices."

So Microsoft said that they are "totally committed" to HD-DVD but have plans to build Blu-ray devices.....they made their first sentance false with their second....Just goes to show how confident Microsoft is about it's products.

Microsoft- HD-DVD failed, Windows Vista failed, Xbox Live....failed for a month I hear. Xbox 360 failed (RROD)

Can Microsoft do anything right???

jorellpogi3935d ago

Sure is! There were plenty of news circulating that consumers have started to join the Blu-ray bandwagon. Some who bought their HDDVD players last Xmas have exchanged it for Blu-ray players.

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