REMINDER: Big MGS4 announcement if Packers win

*REMINDER* Game takes place today at 4:30 PM EST - 10:30 PM GMT

In the latest Kojima Productions Report podcast, Ryan Payton, host of the podcast as well as assistant producer for Metal Gear Solid 4, was interviewing guest Mark MacDonald and both agreed to a friendly wager on this weekend's NFC Divisional Playoff football game featuring the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. While it is common place to humiliate the loser by having them dress up in the other's fan gear or things of that nature, this wager is riding on some new unreleased information about Metal Gear.

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Blasphemy3934d ago

A release date would be nice.

Winter47th3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I'm afraid the MGS fans would go ape-$h!t to insure Packers win this one, don't be surprised if half the Seahawks end up missing before the game.

lawman11083934d ago Show
SolidSnake933934d ago

Why do you post off topic pictures?

actas1233934d ago

Lawman: u are freakin sick man. u got some serious mental problems. What is up w/ these pics man!

KidMakeshift3934d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Fanboys assemble

Douche3933d ago

HELLOOO, they won!!! Where's the news?

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Gaara_7243934d ago

THAT TEAM BETTER WIN!!!!! LOL nooo this is so bad lol

Eamon3934d ago

Something big and new about the gameplay. Like for example: VAMP IS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER IN MGS4

Darkiewonder3934d ago

Who are they playing against anyways?

EZCheez3934d ago


I'm thinking it will go down like this


mikeslemonade3934d ago

That's too easy then because Seahawks are going to lose. It should be the other way around because Seahawks are Ryan's favorite team and it would be a more interesting bet because Packers are pretty much guranteed to win.