New MGS4 Scans & Info from PSM3

New Metal Gear Solid 4 scans from PSM3 thanks to

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fury3959d ago

wow...that's a lot and there's no doubt that this game will deliver because of that. i can hardly wait for this game...damn it...>:-(

socomnick3959d ago

The magazine made a mistake They name a fn scar rifle a p90, The m4a1 in the bottom left is named some strange name they also messed up on the Springfield M1a in the bottom.

Lifendz3958d ago

I give you the system seller. Can you say console war over?

jaaz3959d ago

[email protected] real soft-core porno mags. Only possible with the power of teh cell!

Skerj3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Telling you man, you're going to be playing as normal Snake in the game. It more than likely takes place over a few years, or Old Snake himself is something else or a gimmick completely. I wouldn't be surprised if they swapped him out from all the cutscenes and gameplay like they did Snake and Raiden in MGS2.

When this game hits I'm turning off my phone, and telling everyone I'm going on a pilgrimage so they don't bother me for a week.

Relcom3959d ago

No disruptions, No food, No sleep. Just you and the game ;)_

Blademask3959d ago

I'd hate to find that out.. and still have to wait months heh.

mazirjones3959d ago

i think at this point in the timeline, they have made clones of snake, i mean they have to right? so at various parts you will be playing with clones...remember that video from long ago with a younger looking snake, thats the clone. And in mgs 1, when grey fox (ninja) sacrifices himself to save snake, they're gonna flip that and make snake save raiden (the new ninja) btw i'm Hideo Kojima

THC CELL3959d ago

@Relcom then you drop dead and never play again

Alcohog3959d ago

I think so too man. I can see you playing as a younger Snake at some point. We shall see.

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mighty_douche3959d ago

"The ending will be epic, people will talk about it for years to come"


AngryHippo3959d ago

I can't wait for this game....its going to be f-ing brilliant. A more fitting word would be a 'masterpiece'. This game will not be leaving my PS3 for a long time.

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