Xbox Live Marketplace update 12/1/08: Burnout also on Monday 14th Jan.

Yet some more themes, gamerpics and video's have been released onto the Xbox Live Marketplace. Not a lot but still something so let's take a look.

- Battlefield: Bad Company Squad Theme: 150 MS Points and available everywhere.

- Battlefield: Bad Company Squad Gamer Pics: 140 MS Points and available everywhere.

Burnout 3 classic is also due for release on Monday. See source for full details on Marketplace upadte 12/1/08.

Are you buying Burnout 3? Let us N4G readers know by leaving a comment below.

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JasonXE3935d ago

confused with the date

dvx uk3935d ago

Sorry, im from the UK and thats how we role.

For you it should be 12/1/08. I think :p

player9113935d ago

Thats 1/12/08 in the states. January 12th 2008.

dvx uk3935d ago

lol, i meant that but i just put in the date that we use :p

JasonXE3935d ago

i learn something new everyday :-)