Games Radar previews Lost Odyssey - Has the next great RPG been found?

David Craddock writes:

"Lost Odyssey follows the adventures of Kaim, an immortal who has lived a thousand years, and will live thousands more. Kaim is blessed with powerful magic and finesse in combat, but has lost a large chunk of his memory. Over the course of this RPG adventure, he will see or hear certain things that trigger a flashback to his past. Once unlocked, these "dreams" can be viewed anytime Kaim goes to an inn to rest and provide an entertaining method of slowly filling in his fascinating history."

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Blademask3931d ago

judging by sales and the 360 attach rate.


ParaDise_LosT3931d ago

and Xboxs attachrate in japan isn't something to brag about in our part..
Leading to the question...

Whats your point?

wageslave3931d ago

Uhm, the Xbox 360 Attach Rate is higher than PS3 *in japan*.

We just had an article to that affect less than a week ago here...

Grown Folks Talk3931d ago

I've personally heard of a number of people interested. I might be if it weren't turn based.

Clinton5143931d ago

And I will continue to do so. Nothing I've read about it interests me one bit.

LJWooly3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Looks mediocre at best if you ask me.

But that's just cos i've been spoiled by games like Final Fantasy, it may turn out to be good, who knows?

Chubear3931d ago

I've looked at various video clips of the game and it doesn't show anything new. The only thing next gen about it is in the looks department which ofcourse goes without saying.

However, it still uses the same gameplay from last gen RPGs with nothing new at all. When you see other RPGs coming out you see things that haven't been done cause they jsut couldn't have been done on last gen consoles but this one seems very blah and an RPG title just for the sake of having and RPG on the 360 library.

mikeslemonade3931d ago

This game is going to give xbox fans a taste of what eastern RPG is. Everything we seen so far can be done on PS2 besides the stunning enviroments, but it is going to be the next great RPG just because there's no other RPG coming soon when this is released.

LJWooly3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

I reckon the only reason that this will sell any copies on the 360 at all is because 360 owners looking for an RPG fix haven't really much of a choice in RPGs right now. Besides, seeing how badly the few RPGs that are on the 360 sell, this one looks set up to be a financial failure.

But, I could be proven wrong. I'd like to think 360 owners buy other games than just FPS games.

And @ Chubear: I like elephants, too :)

InMyOpinion3931d ago

Mass Effect sold over a million copies in a few weeks. You call that bad?

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mintaro3931d ago

hmmm, not expecting it to be the next breakthrough, but i might give this game a shot

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