Bottom Five: 2007's Worst Wii Games, Definitive Edition

Sardius of,writes :

"The biggest problem with any "worst of" list lies in its writer's lack of personal experience. Nobody goes out and plays every crappy game in the world on purpose, so all you end up with are variations on "the worst games of 2007 that I've played." As a result, you'll hear ridiculous things like "Manhunt 2 is one of the worst games of the year because it made a lot of people mad!" and "I sure was disappointed with Kayne & Lynch! This means that it's the worst game of all time!" instead of anything that's actually based in reality.

Nuts to that. You deserve better. You deserve not to be patronized with a list of supposedly putrid games that are merely below average. Because I love you all, I've hunted down and played as many Wii games as I could find over the last year, so that I could definitively report that the game with the gingerbread ninja on the cover is not very good.

What follows are the five worst games to be released for the Nintendo Wii in 2007. For real, this time. Believe nothing else."

The bottom five are:

5. Haneru no Tobira Wii: Girigirissu
4. Ninjabread Man
3. The Racing Genre: Mini Xtreme Wii Offroad Editio'n
2. Balls of Fury
1. Alvin and the Chipmunks

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mintaro3930d ago

ball's of fury should've been number one, it sucked.....uhhh....balls

ElfShotTheFood3930d ago

Amusing article.

I will say that Ninjabread Man does have really good box art, though.

MK_Red3930d ago

What the... no Jenga!?
But overall, they pretty much cover the rest of crappy games though Anubis 2 is also missing.