First Screens From Railfan

Just behold the beauty of these shots and wonder what's coming your way from Japan.

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kingboy5850d ago

wow mama! keep the ps3 news coming.lovely

Bhai5850d ago simply beautiful, ain't it just real, man I wish I could peek in the future and see GT5. Railfan is simply taking my heart away, no doubt its one of the prettiest games ever to have been peeked upon uptil yet.

Lex Luthor5850d ago

it's a shame this game will never be released in Us or Europe as this is a japanese niche game only.

OutpostCommand5850d ago

Hehehehe..but that doesnt stop us from getting it does it ? Since the PS3s region free ! w00t !
Look...I dont care what any 360 fanbot tells me, but that damn game is the pinnacle of beautifulness.
If you took away the HUD, any guest entering your room will think you are looking at a real train.

AuburnTiger5850d ago

Is this a train simulator?

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