Square-Enix Will Work With Microsoft If There's "Merit"

Kotaku writes: Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada. Highlights include:

"If there is a merit cooperating with Microsoft we will do this. We might give some projects to separate studios and make games for the X360. The main platforms for Square Enix are the Nintendo platforms and the PS3. The lion-share of the developers and our infrastructure as well as our capital is for NDS, Wii and PS3, and this is not going to change... We are astonished by Wii's success and the Nintendo dominance. We thought that the PS3 and the Wii will coexist due to the difference between both strategies, but in the end the users will decide which platform we develop on. The SCE platforms at this point are a bit of a challenge... We think we can do much on the Wii. I talked to Iwata to exploit many possibilities and cheer him on."

poos35742d ago

reminder to square enix the 360 + microsfot does not need you ,you need the microsft and the 360 ok good happy u got that

Real gamer 4 life5742d ago

i guess this confirms it star ocean 4, exclusive for the ps3.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5742d ago

I smell tears poopy pants and a fit.

v1c1ous5742d ago

and c*ckteasing xbots as well

"we are concentrating on ps3, but if there is one thing you can't argue is that 360 owners buy games"

pre-christmas 2007 "i'm wondering if sony can keep it together, but i wouldn't put my cards on wii since people are buying it as more of a toy than a game system"

post-christmas 2007 "i think wii+ps3 can co-exist, but the beating the wii is giving to all consoles makes me think i better start putting my shizzle on wii to make some moola. my god look at the top 30 software sales this week, its almost all nintendo!"

or to paraphrase "I WANT MONEY!"

Relcom5742d ago (Edited 5742d ago )

They don't hide that fact either. Wii prints money and they want a piece of the action. I love how with the recent success of the PS3. They have calmed down the sh1t talk about it too.

Sarick5740d ago (Edited 5740d ago )

"we are concentrating on ps3, but if there is one thing you can't argue is that 360 owners buy games"

Whatever happened to the game companies that made games to make them fun? The type where you make a good game that's so fun you don't need to worry about it making money.

Take Pong for instance. Those guys thought it'd be fun to bounce pixels back and forth.

There comes a point where the technical cost of development of games intimidate companies to not create. I think we've hit that point when it takes movie box office millions to get something acceptable out.

Seriously if it's not something spectacular people won't buy it these days. Whatever happened to playing or making games for fun?

RPG's action adventure plat formers.

It's no wonder why SE does so well their great story tellers. Give a game good game play, a nice plot, acceptable graphics and attach a few cut scenes, you have a winner.

IMHO the problem is money (development cost) is getting in the way of talent. So chances are several great games never get created because they cost to much. It doesn't really matter what console their exclusive to, if people like something enough they'll be more then willing to make an investment for it.

The morale is he just replaced the word "Money" with "Merit." He couldn't say money because that's too obvious.

Filanime035742d ago

Well good news for all console owners. 360 owners will probably gets some decent RPG this time. Also good for ps3 owners I hope I get FFXIII sooner rather than later.

blusoops5742d ago

no doubt 360 owners buy games...FPS games. How well will a company like square enix do in the 360 crowd when the company is known for JRPG's not FPS's? How about we look at sales figures for Blue Dragon or even Lost Oddysey.
Square knows its main followers are PlayStation and Nintendo owners.

Bladestar5742d ago

lol.. FPS... interesting thing is that those game you mentioned sold more copies than most PS3 games... even in japan attach rate and software purchases are high... hell even RTS games sell well on the xbox 360... it's funny how microsoft haters always say that the xbox 360 has only RTS and that xbox 360 owners only buy RTS... yet games like AC(not FPS) is selling more on the xbox 360... most xbox 360 games selling well are not FPS...

I tell you what though.. most PS3 games selling are FPS... lol...

ruibing5742d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble, the top selling exclusives for the PS3 are Uncharted, R&C, and Motorstorm, so I guess you never played them if you thought they were FPS games.

I really don't care what games the 360 gets in any genre, but I still do not believe the platform is capable of appreciating JRPGs. Take a look at Lost Odyssey and Eternal Sonata, these were good titles (unlike Blue Dragon) and they hardly even made an impact on the gaming community. Most of people I know who owns a PS2 and 360 usually just use the 360 for FPS and PS2 for RPGs.

But you guys are getting Infinite Undiscovery and Lost Odyssey, while we are getting Disgaea 3, FFXIII, and White Knight Story. We are also both getting Last Remnant, so there's not much for any side to complain.

kevoncox5742d ago

Lost Oddyess is out???
Quick let me get to Game Spot...

Seriously, the biggest sellers are FPS but all genres of games have sold well on 360. LO received average sales and average scores. If LO is a AAA RPG it will sell well. I don't think that LO is a AAA rpg. It doesn't look much better than an xbox game.

Homicide5742d ago

Square-Enix's biggest fanbase is in Japan, and thats what the 360/Microsoft doesn't have there.

lawman11085742d ago

The 360 does not only beat the PS3..... it DESTROYS it in sales. I own each system and I have bought 100 360 games and maybe 7 PS3 games (4 of those were used) Games made for each system run and look better on the 360.

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Gaara_7245742d ago

what is merit?? some one please pm me and tell me i have no idea what it means and on google it dont say
back on topic
agree with me if you fink final fantasy 13 and final fantasy versous 13 will rock
dissagre if you hink they will flop
i want to c the odd of it flopng and rockin lol