Pain free PC gaming promised

CVG writes: "Far too lazy to hit the interweb in the hunt for PC game updates and mods? Then take a look at CrosuS and see what it can do for you.

Developer Isotx says that once installed CrosuS will scan your hard drive for games and search the net to deliver a list of patches, mods, maps and tools. You can then "install and play them direct from the CrosuS client in only a couple of clicks", the company promises.

It also supports Xfire and Steam in an effort to cover as many gaming bases as possible, and includes an integrated IRC client. CrosuS already works with "a rapidly growing number of titles" but there's room for you to say what games you want to see added.

If all that has tickled your curiosity, there's more on CrosuS to be had on Isotx's website, including a download."

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