Chat With X-Play Hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb

G4 The Feed, January 11, 2008:

Talk live with the hosts of X-Play! The chat starts at 7PM ET, and will feature one of the cast members talking live with you about all things X-Play. This week, the Webbtastic one herself, Morgan Webb, will be taking your questions on Monday, January 14th, at 4PM PT & 7PM ET.

But that's not all, as there is an upcoming Chat with Adam Sessler, Wednesday, January 16th, at 4PM PT & 7PM ET.

Why not find out what these videogame experts have to say for themselves?

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GlossGreen3959d ago

liked X-Play. I can't wait to see what's new on the show.

mintaro3959d ago

same here, hope they still keep there trademarked, brutally honest reviews