First Jordan 100% FC on expert

The First Jordan 100% FC of all time!

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Darkiewonder3958d ago

May end up getting this game. and awesome job whoever O.O

games4fun3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

better know how to play a guitar or he is a moron/ the amount of skill/time it takes to play guitar hero is equal to learning a guitar

on a side note props for being that good

TheIneffableBob3958d ago

He knows how to play the guitar.

prayforjoejoe3958d ago

Props for finishing this song on expert, I can only do hard. Second, unless you actually play the guitar, you've pretty much wasted your time. Third, I feel like I'm going to vomit after watching that. Now that you've mastered it: on to GHIII and play the Dragonforce song, if you beat that on expert, you have a hand shake waiting for you, that is if your hand isn't broken from playing it.

killinet2473958d ago

he already beat through the fire and flames and i believe it is the top score he hit like 96% or something like that

WilliamRLBaker3958d ago

whoever believes that is stupid, playing a real life guitar doesn't equat to playing GH good and playing GH good doesn't equat to playing the guitar.

danarc3958d ago

I agree with that whole-heartedly.

I play both guitar and guitar hero (expert at both* :P) and feel so much better pulling off solos on a proper guitar than guitar hero.

*Okay, Im not an expert at guitar, but I stil play a helluva lot :)

RecSpec3958d ago

Just the first time one was documented, although I am still kinda skeptical about this. I think it is fully possible to FC the song, but I'm not really sure the controller can recognize the button presses, say you push a button on the controller 100 times the controller might register 98-99 of them.

danarc3958d ago

Nah, I think if someone put the time into Fc'ing Jordan, they would've at lest took a picture with their phone and showed it to the world.

The controllers were made to be accurate, otherwise those expert songs, would be pointless.

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