What Disney's $200 Million Marvel's The Avengers Record Opening Means For The Video Games

It looks like Disney Interactive Media Group made the right choice in waiting to develop proper console games set within Marvel’s The Avengers universe. While Playdom’s Marvel: Avengers Alliance has catapulted to the top of Facebook charts, keeping comic book fans happy, for now. That game is just an appetizer for things to come.

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Titanz2355d ago

More Super Heroes videogames, will be developed by: Rocksteady Studios?

Spenok2354d ago

Lmao i hope so. They make the best comic book games period....

Oh and for everyone else out there, i decided to do a little research on Avengers weekend release. And that 200million is only in the US....

If you look at a worldwide release it grossed $648,938,708 o.0

Source =

AND its the highest grossing box office release for a weekend in the US ever! lol With a total of 207 million in only 3 days!

source =

That's just nuts i tell you. NUTS!!!

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it either gets close, or surpasses Avatar and Titanic as the highest grossing movie of all time. With numbers like that.

Christopher2354d ago

It would be awesome to have Rocksteady Studios do more superhero games, but it more than likely won't be a Marvel game until they end their run with DC Comics/Warner Bros.

The studio would be fine with it, but the license holders are extremely petty.

OneAboveAll2355d ago


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3!? :D

Baka-akaB2355d ago

Please no , the franchise deserves way better .

Ken222355d ago

I wish Rocksteady would handle all super hero video games.

OneAboveAll2355d ago

The franchise was fun. Rocksteady make good BATMAN games. Doesn't mean they can make a good Spider-Man or Iron-Man game.

If they did it would probably have a gritty over-tone which I do not fancy.

Baka-akaB2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

I doubt they'd have issues making those Marvel games and matching their tones . Hell the upcoming Amazing spidey game is about using open/hub world and the same kind of fighting mechanics , even if it dates back from Spiderman 2 as well .

Either way , i wouldnt wish to be solely relying upon Rocksteady and slave laboring them into only comics franchise . At some point Rcoskteady needs to be elft alone so they can wow us with more .

PS :
I found the Legend and alliance games horrible . The artstyle was painful , either in the marvel ua or the XM legends franchise .

The gameplay was mind numbingly boring . It's only saving grace were the tons of stuff to unlock and characters , and co-op modes . Otherwise it wasnt even better than your run of the mill Xmen movies games .

Kran2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )


Sorry. That was rude of me.

Almost nothing?

Skateboard2355d ago

Marvel vs Capcom 3 expansion ?

Baka-akaB2355d ago

Even if we were to take it seriously what for :p ? That's already covered with umvc3

Autolycus882355d ago

Nick Fury, Loki, and Red Skull. And bring back War Machine. Can't beat that crossover hyper combo finish. Uncanny!!

Baka-akaB2355d ago

Yeah forgot about those missing guys

GirlsGeneration2355d ago

Nice i had a feeling he was gonna do very good. I'm gonna watch it this tuesday for sure and it's a long movie over 2 hours thank god! Most movies these days are too short

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