Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Review: 64% (

By Justin Jones, 12 Jan 08:

"Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom has potential and although this game was ultimately a mixed bag with a bit of tweaking on the gameplay it has potential. Whether the series has survived its change from strategy to action RPG is still up in the air. It's a game that will appeal to the hardcore Neverwinter Night fans more than any other and with online play available it may be that that saves it from the mundane."

Pros: The Dream World ability to easily learn skills, the harder combatants have some nice tactics. Level design nicely done.

Cons: The RPG side is relegated to a bit part. Gameplay is not that varied and the new action RPG has forsaken the subtlety that the previous games had. Last gen graphics that allow for lost of onscreen activity.

Final verdict: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom would disappoint many fans of the series because of how big the change to previous games is. It has its issues that the reviewer think if given a chance and a new game could easily be fixed. All is not lost though online play has potential and if you like hacking your way through monsters, demons and the like you'll love this.

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SpaceCowgirl3933d ago

My biggest problem is I have no idea who the heck any of the characters are or WTF is going on, so really I am having a hard time enjoying the story as much as I would like to. Same could be said for Ninety Nine Nights.

MK_Red3933d ago

True. I also like it but it has a really strange feel to it. BTW, I LOVED N3 :)