Starhawk Official Launch Trailer

The official launch trailer has been released for Starhawk.

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Abash2449d ago

Awesome, cant wait for Tuesday!

Nitrowolf22449d ago

Sony needs to advertise this game TBH. They have been releasing so many trailers recently, yet I would love to see some TV spots like the trailers they have

brodychet2448d ago

Picking up the Limited Edition Tuesday!

1Victor2448d ago

Same here I can't wait .but unfortunately my system died and I got the box yesterday so no system for at least two Weeks.

FunAndGun2448d ago

i sorry. that is a bummer dude. :(

rbluetank2449d ago

there was alot of stuff going on in this trailer. i can not wait to get my hands on this game. i hope it sell millions....

Kinger89382449d ago

they really need to get the word out! fans like us know about it but on all sites PS3's main page has crappy black ops 2 preorder adverts but nothing for this, its a joke :(

Joker9092449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Sweet trailer can't wait (5/8/12) Looks like there is going to be some EPIC battles. I find it Crazy that the game is so under the radar. Sony please pump up Starhawk the game need a strong online community.

JBSleek2449d ago

Not impressed. Alright trailer.

MrDead2449d ago

Was going to ask why but decided to look at your comment history first, and now I know.

JBSleek2449d ago

I'm entitled to my opinions like everyone else.

DigitalAnalog2449d ago

And nobody is saying your not.

A-Glorious-Dawn2448d ago

Not all opinions are equal..

Outside_ofthe_Box2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

***"I'm entitled to my opinions like everyone else."***

And MrDead is entitled to his just like you are.

1Victor2448d ago

@JBSleek I know what you mean I can't play it on my 360 ether lets hate on it together after you get a life and a PS3

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VonBraunschweigg2449d ago

"Wage War - Like Never Before"

So true. And finally a trailer that shows off the massive action in this game. Great graphics & style. At first some players may think meh, untill things start moving & go Boom! 2 more days=)

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The story is too old to be commented.