Sessler Out, G4 Done

The recent departure of Adam Sessler from G4 caps off the television network's short and troubled history with yet another low point. From its inception in 2002 to the present, G4 has struggled to gain an audience large enough to sustain its ambitions. The loss of their largest and arguably most respected host can only spell more trouble, and possibly oblivion for the network. How did the only network dedicated to the most lucrative medium in America get to this point, and where could it possibly go from here?

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aviator1894421d ago

Sessler was the one main reason I watched it.

Moby-Royale4421d ago (Edited 4421d ago )

That explains why they've been pushin Dr.Pepper so hard on Aots, I guess. Falling apart it seems.... I've stopped watching it regularly myself. I don't much care for that Sara Underwood fellow(if I wanted to hear a woman fake enthusiasm then I'd still be with my ex-ex). Lol.

If Blair Herter (spelling?) takes over on X-play along with Morgan Webb(I don't much care for her double standards when it comes to female characters in video games)I'll leave and never look back.

I'm sad to see him go, as I agreed with a lot of his cynicism about certain things.

This really is a blow to G4. Where else am I going to get to watch The Big Boss twenty times a week?(btw I love that movie and Way of the Dragon)

Edit:(ed) for a minor typographical error yo. Lol ;)

NYC_Gamer4421d ago

G4 has been done for years...

LOGICWINS4421d ago

Millions will still tune in for E3 week, but other than that...I have no reason to watch anymore. Has nothing to do with Sessler, but more about the lack of game related programming.

Y_51504421d ago

We need a channel that would replace G4 for good!

SignifiedSix4421d ago

That's okay. I've always watched attack of the show more anyways.

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G4 TV Reportedly Hit With Surprise Layoffs

Talent allegedly showed up only to have programming cancelled.

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coolbeans636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

If you've paid attention to what they've about since their resurrection, this is anything but a surprise. A shame to those who've lost gainful employment (of course), but this was destined to be a precarious setup from the start.

GoodGuy09636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

They were great at one point...but times have changed...

It's like comparing og youtubers to today's massive streamers. The internet and trends change very quick.

roadkillers636d ago

I don’t think they were ever great financially. I doubt G4 ever really made that much money.

KrillinShine636d ago

OG YouTubers weren't motivated by money, only passion. That's the primary difference.

isarai636d ago

The comeback was cool at first, but then every video turned into a 45min+ podcast. And while i enjoy a podcast from time to time, not EVERY video needed to be that

DrDoomer636d ago

How is this a surprise to anybody?