Final Fantasy Versus XIII a No Show at E3

Final Fantasy Versus XIII may not be at E3 due to it missing from Square Enix' lineup listing.

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Kamikaze1352357d ago

Not surprised. With Final Fantasy XIV being shown (again) and possible more info on other FF games on Vita and 3DS, they won't want too much attention being taken away from Versus XIII.

Abash2357d ago

*30 years from*

Oldman Nomura: Please *cough* I ask of your patience *hack*, an update will be given in the near future

slayorofgods2356d ago

six years and ticking.. This is probably a game that shouldn't of been announced so early... At this point they should probably change the name. They might as well make it a stand alone Final Fantasy title FF15 or 16 instead of a spin off. That would make SE and the general public more interested in this tittle that has the potential of being one of the best in the series.... It's time for SE to really give some resources to release this game already, and market it properly.

iamtehpwn2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Actually, this doesn't mean anything, the fact that it's not on Square's E3 list. Let's remember, there is a huge possibly Versus XIII may get renamed to either Final Fantasy XV, or become it's own spin off series like Type-0 did. If that's the case, Final Fantasy Versus XIII wouldn't be listed, especially if the surprise announcement is the game has been officially dubbed FFXV.

Also, Lets not forget--I'm NOT Saying Versus XIII is multiplat---but FFXIII when it was first announced multiplat was not scheduled to make an appearance. I don't believe it will go multiplat, but it's an example of some of the surprises you tend to see out of e3.

I hope they at least surprise us with FFX HD trailer.

Kamikaze1352357d ago

I think it would be best to name it Final Fantasy XV. Not only does it include a lot of what fans have been craving for from the series, but it's too high quality of a game to be considered just a spin off. And with the hate that FFXIII gets from fans, they may want to deviate away from it.

Kevin ButIer2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

FF Versus is my last hope for the franchise but this lack of attention is disturbing me

MrMister2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

On what basis should I believe that they changed the name--your own blind optimism? Square Enix has shown absolutely no evidence that they are working on this game for real. Big surprise at E3? Your kidding right? Why make people wait till E3 when they've been waiting for years already? Your either way too optimistic or just plain naive. I have been playing games long enough to know when a game company is NEVER going to release a certain game. They just string u along while u foolishly buy their other mediocre sub par games as u wait. Square Enix doesn't even come close to the 90's Squaresoft's work-ethics/ devotion to fans (by keeping their word about releases). Fact.

I can't wait to see what you'll say when it doesn't show up at E3 [again].

grailly2356d ago

It won't be renamed to FFXV, it's an action RPG, main FF series are never action RPGs.
might still be rebranded though

gintoki7772356d ago


there is evidence the game is being worked on.. There was a lengthy gameplay trailer released last Tokyo game show I believe.

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gintoki7772357d ago

They will end up announcing and releasing Final Fantasy 15 or something before this, lets just forget about this until it gets a blowout.

sinncross2356d ago

With so much secrecy and long term development etc etc surrounding this game, the fact that it is not listed does not mean anything all these years later.

Either it means they are not showing it (obvious) or they want to surprise everyone to get more positive reactions coming their way after what is looking like shoddy development on Square's part.

But really.. if there is nothing of FFV13 at E3 this year, I would be disappointed to have to wait longer for some new media.

bakasora2356d ago

Wow, vs13 is taking too long to develop. Imagine the total cost of development.

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RedDead2357d ago

I always thought the first time Versus would be shown again public-ally will be a surprise.

Relientk772357d ago

Wait are you serious? How long are you going to take to make this game Square Enix?

Kur02357d ago

If it doesn't show at e3 there is a high chance it will be a march 2013 release. 7 years of waiting =/.

ash_divine2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )


How do you figure?

From what I've noticed, games tend to come out a couple months after their big E3 showing. So if Versus really doesn't show up at this E3, that could mean it'll be even further down the line.

Edit: Just to be clear, when I say "a couple months", I basically mean anywhere from 3-10 months or so.

SnipeySnake2356d ago

I said something similar last year...and the year before that...and the year before that...

Chuk52357d ago

I think it's head for a cancellation at this point.
It's time to really blow people away has passed, unless they move onto wiiu or next gen consoles.

tidusforeverx22357d ago

There are no definite facts in the article, they are seemingly once again going off the fabricated list from ign.
If this does get approved for some strange reason it should be a rumor, not news! Unless there is a press release from Square-enix this should not be news!! We will be seeing Versus XIII this year at E3, I am willing to bet on it.

xursz2356d ago

I meant to agree. Sorry :/