Gran Turismo HD Gameplay Footage

Here is a short video showing Gran Turismo HD being played at TGS.

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uuuunvnv25853d ago

game play doesnt seem to look as good as those 3 pics they put on here today...

OutLaw5852d ago

I don't know if it's because of the quality of the video but that game looks like crap. Also the car seem to be moving very slow.

LiquifiedArt5852d ago

The dude playing sucks, hes in 3rd person which is worthless if you any good at the game.

Nextly, I'm 100% sure thats GT:Classic with a new track, the pics you see are from GT:Premium. Remember 2 different modes and 1 Disk.

sparco5852d ago

that is poor. People were complaining that the forza 2 environments looked crap in those early screens we saw, but this was just as bad as them! and how long has this been in development!?

Chewy 1015852d ago

Where are the reflections???
The car shines even under a tunnel....

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The story is too old to be commented.