Confessions: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES 2008

CES has no shortage of displays. And when MAKE offered us some TV-B-Gone clickers to bring to the show, we pretty much couldn't help ourselves. We shut off a TV. And then another. And then a wall of TVs. And we just couldn't stop. (And Panasonic, you're so lucky that 150-incher didn't have an active IR port.) It was too much fun, but watching this video, we realize it probably made some people's jobs harder, and I don't agree with that (Especially Motorola). We're sorry.

Check out this video. Now that's a fantastic idea!

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therealwillie3936d ago

that is possibly one of the funniest things ive ever seen!
yes i'm childish and immature but meh

Relcom3936d ago

That was AWESOME. I gots to get one of those things

actionjackson3936d ago

I thought you guys might like this video. Although not really "news", it's pretty funny. I can't believe they actually were nuts enough to pull this off.

MrSwede3935d ago

It'll probably get them banned from CES :)

Rims3935d ago

That's really childish of them

eddierivera3935d ago

I dont even know these guys,, maybe they did it for publicity. But they have no right pulling anyone's plug. I hope they get fired,,, I dont know about you guys, but thats like going to E3 and someone pulling the plug from the tv when you are playing a game that isnt coming out for another year,, stealing the little bit of time you have at the show. Grow up, your not in high school ne more, [email protected]

Lotto3935d ago

The staffer that did it have been banned for life. I think everyone at Gizmodo should have been banned tho.

Apocwhen3935d ago

yeah, hopefully they'll be banned for life. Time is precious at these events, the last thing companies showing off their latest products need at this event is gizmonkey children disrupting their displays.

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The story is too old to be commented.