Forza 2 Is Officially Delayed

The Forza Motorsport 2 demonstraton at this years Tokyo Game Show has officially confirmed that the game won't hit shelves until sometime next year.

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TheMART5855d ago

That was already known, too sh!tty I would like it this Christmas but well. What to do?

If they make it better they may take that time. I want it to crush any other racer out there and keep up till Forza 3 comes in 2008 competing with GT5!

calderra5854d ago

If they need 'til Fall 2007, I say let 'em have it. Look back to the development of Forza- the game absolutely blew in early hands-on and demos, but came out as an absolute powerhouse from virtually out of nowhere.

Let these guys take their time and get it right so they don't end up like Gran Turismo 2. (As in: Bug in GT2 where 100% completion is impossible, glitches may cause cars to magically disappear from garage, etc...)

Ravenator5295855d ago

The last racing game that I purchased was GT3. And that was only because it came bundled with my PS2.

I think I'll live. But I guess if you are a racing fan, you might be a little upset.

Gh0stDrag0n5855d ago

The last racing game I got was PGR2, and it was free! My wife won it at our local EB while waiting for Halo 2 (I was at work.)
It's an OK game but Forza is better. Kinda' sucks for diehard fans but there are a lot of good games coming soon. Hopefully the good titles keep coming like this and we don't end up with a ton of AAA titles and then a really long "dry spell"

bullet5855d ago

Iam glad it got delayed....It still did not look right. and I personaly would rather wait for them to get it perfect.

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Raz0r3605855d ago

dude that was a stupid asss comment u say microsoft fanboy ok sony but just to be far i cant w8 for pgr4 so idk and its sad a game tha game out last year for a launch for 360 (PDZ) looks way better then a 600 1 year gains chance aand resitence looks bad it just gonna be like illzoen they said it would be he halo killer but i dont know why there makin a kilzone 2 but i know ur crying right now so go cry on ur solid snake coked shape pillow WII60 OWNS!!! ALL

Solid Snake5855d ago (Edited 5855d ago )

You must be mentally challenged, how the hell does PG3 look better, it must have been a really crap game then it had no physics and only graphics. I hear 360 fany scream there console is better, why because of the games lol, brainwashed freaks, any of these so called great games i have not seen, they better hurry up and get them out, because Sony has a great line up of games ready to launch at November, more than MS has right now lol ahhahahah, Sony ownes all come November, you will welcome chang3!

uuuunvnv25855d ago

oh and solid.......while you have been here talking trash about a black box that im guessing you will sleep with at night, your PS3 just lost another exclusive. AC4 is a go for 360

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The story is too old to be commented.