Bungie Weekly Update 01/11/08 - FAQ Attack, MacFarlane Figures

Bungie's Frank O'Connor writes:

"The studio is heads down, fingers blazing working on new DLC and beyond that, new stuff. The new maps, however, are reaching the naming stages. We do this pretty late in the game – and the default names (which are in turn different than the codenames) are usually replaced with newer, better ones. Right now there's some argument about what to call a smaller symmetrical map – I favor a very literal name – and the biggest of all the DLC maps – folks are making lots of joke names that we might share with you later.

As we mention in the Q&A following this, 'Moonbase Alpha' now has large opening doors and more unusually, a kind of unlockable jump over a deadly chasm. In its locked state, a jump over will almost always result in death. Unlocked, it becomes an easy jump and a simple shortcut. More and more, this map is beginning to appeal to my interests. At first I thought it was just a bit too large, but now that I know my way around it, it's brisk enough to support even one vs. one games."

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