A farewell to Demon's Souls: the game will never be the same

The servers supporting Demon's Souls celebrated and unique multiplayer components are being shut down. GameJudgment's Anthony Velez shares why this change is sad for gamers everywhere.

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camehlheon3218d ago

Yes, beautiful game. When this was released, I was completely entranced by the atmosphere and immersion of the game. I didn't have such a feeling for a loooong long time. Too bad they don't patch the game so that they allow players to host their own online games or something. This game loses interest when played offline, such a shame :(

MAJ0R3218d ago

Maybe someone should start a petition to get the developers attention and get something like that patched in. At least It worked with Mass Effect 3.

Spydiggity3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

that's not gonna happen.

what might happen, though, is a re-release in the next generation for 20 bucks with new online support. probably the best we can hope for. of course, you'll be buying it twice at that point.

guitarded773218d ago

I want them to patch a pause feature since the game won't be persistent online anymore. Sometimes I gotta take a dump and I'm fearful something will kill me while I'm away.

camehlheon3217d ago

guitarded, why don't you just play in the bathroom ? :p

pat_11_53218d ago

Demon Souls sounds way too hard

Hellsvacancy3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

My platinum says otherwise

Games4M - Rob3218d ago

it at least says that you are a bit fanatical about this game :)

xhedleyx3218d ago

The Abscence of you having any semblance of a life, agrees with your platinum score

dc13218d ago

It was wonderfully tough but incredibly fare.

A very very awesome game. I have to pop it in this weekend!

AIndoria3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

It is, but when you finally beat a boss, the thrill you get is worth waay more anything else. A well deserved break...till someone smashes you in the face with a giant axe.

gameplayingfool3218d ago

You make an excellent point. Success after challenges is more rewarding than success after easy-street.

sphinct3218d ago

You just have to get the right mentality and understand that the game was designed for the highest in gaming skills. It's not made for the masses, it's made for the dedicated.

pangitkqb3218d ago

I think that was well said. Bubbles to you for thinking out a good response.

TheFirstClassic3218d ago

False. I didn't think it was even that hard, just pretty darn challenging.

TheFirstClassic3218d ago

Ha ha...I dunno. I meant to say I never felt like it was unfair.

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mr_badhand3218d ago

P2P doesn't sound so bad when things like this happen.

VDub21743218d ago

I'm definitely gonna miss the online aspect of the game. It wasn't an easy platinum to get but it sure was satisfying when it popped up.

AIndoria3218d ago

I am sad to see the game go. I still play it, and I wish Atlus wouldn't have done that(Yeah yeah, I get it, costs..and other things)

I love the game :(

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The story is too old to be commented.