French President Proposes Internet Tax

Taxing the internet has been a hotly debated proposition that is widely criticized by citizens, economists, and communications experts. Still the government is always looking for new sources of income to pay for the escalating cost of military and social programs, so the issue enjoyed a long debate in the U.S. Congress, with an extension of the current tax ban passing only recently after much internal arguing within both parties.

Now French President Nicolas Sarkozy, oft labeled an iconoclast, has proposed taxing the internet in France to finance state-owned television. The scenario provides the interesting reversal of a government looking to give television special privileges at the cost of internet, in this age, where usually the internet is constantly stealing TV's thunder. President Sarkozy gave the announcement at a press conference from Paris's Elysee palace.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3932d ago

I Live in France, and he can go to the hell with his BS

Bubble Buddy3932d ago

Another reason why people pirate movies and music and games...

ReBurn3932d ago

France already has one of the highest tax rates in Europe.

PumPum3931d ago

Welcome to Finland. Tax hell.

Bill Gates3932d ago

...and I propose the French president drink from my Hershey pipe....AHAAHHAH

Interpol Agent3932d ago

Fuking bastard even thoug i dont live in france this mothefuker should tax his fuking mother. That mofuker better not star zhit cuz he is going to spread it all around the world.

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