What if Microsoft made an Xbox All-Stars game for the Xbox 360?

XMNR: After the announcement of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale for the Playstation 3, we ran across this image of what a similar game might look like from Microsoft for the Xbox 360 from the Italian site While this made us laugh out loud but how much truth is there in it? We delve into the catalog of Xbox exclusives to figure out what kind of a fighting game roster we could come up with.

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Dante1122358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I don't think MS has enough big characters to make a game like that (Master Chief, Marcus....Forza car). It might work if it only had characters from different multiplatform titles, but if it were to go strictly from MS exclusives list, they probably won't be a lot of characters to play with.

EVILDEAD3602358d ago

LMAO @ Dante using 'Forza car'..that would literally be the worst fighting character EVER.

My take..

The truth is you really could find enough characters , but it honestly wouldnt make sense to make this kind of game for the 360.

Since the early PS1 and PS2 days those gens had strong single player character driven games from the old Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Jak and Daxter days all the way to the Kratos, LBP and Drake days of the current gens. So they work perfectly for a Smash Bros type game.

For the 360 I'd rather MS just spend the time and resources necessary to create a next gen Killer Instinct..that would rock the world. THEN add Masrer Chief, Marcus, and DOM as unlockable characters.

Either way I hope the PS3 game turns out good..Fighting games are tough to get right. Even Nintendo literally does one per gen.


SignifiedSix2358d ago

That Killer Instinct idea sounds pretty good! :o Lets hope it happens!

TekoIie2358d ago

I dont think the Xbox community wants this sort of thing though. Actually im not entirely sure what the Xbox community wants :/

With the playstation we get almost every genre in the exclusive zone but i think MS is very reliant on 3rd party support (which is almost as important as exclusives). Im sure MS will bring out new franchise's when next gen begins. Halo 4 is really the 360's last battle cry and MS will probably remake it for the Nextbox but its a smart move on their part. If people have wanted to play halo and not bought the console for it nows the time to do so.

EVILDEAD3602358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

'I dont think the Xbox community wants this sort of thing though. Actually im not entirely sure what the Xbox community wants :/

With the playstation we get almost every genre in the exclusive zone'

LOL..are you pretending that because of the games released you believe that the PS3 community wants different games than the 360 community.

Just look at a chart and I'll tell you what the PS3 conmunity wants..Call of Duty..over any of those exclusives.

It's the same with the 360 community..

You buy a system and of course you end up getting the best it has to offer. That doesnt differentiate the gaming communities as WE like this and THEY like that.

The reason why a Smash Bros type game woyuld work for the PS3 is because similiar to Mario had those types of game in the Sony history that could honestly carry that type of game.

Nintendo has made a living on these franchise and Super Smash is the staple of the system. It's cool that we can get a different take on it. It's just that the 360 characters don't lend well to a casual type crossover game like that.

Any 360 hardcore gamer would rather have a 200-team Halo 4 than a crossover fighting game. Similiar to nobody really wanting Fable Heroes, a Castle crasher type game that didn't have the quality to carry that type of genre.

At the end of the day, I still think it's a great move for Sony and would be a lousy move for Micrsoft. Again..unless we are talking Killer Instinct that is.


NYC_Gamer2358d ago

MS doesn't have enough characters that people care about

OllieBoy2358d ago

Pretty much. They would have to moneyhat a lot of third-party characters just to fill out the roster.

NastyLeftHook02358d ago

pretty much, ms thought they had enough characters but took an arrow to the knee.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32358d ago

I'd buy it but not full price retail product. I wouldn't even buy the competition's offering, minus Nintendo's, at full price.

KwietStorm2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

You wouldn't buy the competition minus Nintendo lol why don't you just say Sony? What's the problem? Stealth mode

h311rais3r2358d ago

There's more characters then people know about. Especially from Xbox 1. There's Abe, azura, masterchief, the lone wolf guy, fusion frenzy, arbiter, Widow maker, Sam fisher, Blinx, blood wake etc then there is Joanna dark, gears, reach, viva piñata, fable etc. they have a lot of characters people are just too ignorant to know it because Microsoft doesn't pump out exclusives anymore.

Prince_Dim-Lu2358d ago

People don't want to hear your truth. Everyone is to excited for the random obscure characters Sony is using from their PSN titles.

smashcrashbash2358d ago

Fat Princess us the only 'obscure PSN character' ,as you put it, they have so far and she is still more well known then some of the characters h311rais3r called out.Not to mention since most of Microsoft's characters belong to third parties they would have to pay a fortune to get them all. Many of Sony's characters actually belong to them.

MaxXAttaxX2358d ago

What random obscure characters?
You must be joking.

Machioto2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I don't care if the character is obscure but I would like most to be exclusive to ms console and I believe they don't have enough exclusive character to make such a game and they can't have to many people that do the same thing.

@prince Sony's version only copies the 4 player lay out but the level design was copied from a game, made by namco called the out foxies.

smashcrashbash2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

To tell the truth Microsoft doesn't have enough well known characters for it to make much of a game. Several of Sony's characters are known by the many people who owned PS1 and PS2 games back in the day but most people don't even know who Blinx or Kameo are unless they go look it up.Microsoft was never really known for making memorable characters.

@ h311rais3r. But how many of those are characters do people know? Many people know who Parapper the Rapper, Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Ratchet and Clank and Jak are because many gamers now are ex PlayStation owners but who remembers who Blinx the Cat or what Viva Pinata is? You seem to forget that there where one 150 million plus people who had PS1s and PS2s. That is more people then the Xbox or Xbox 360 had combined. There aren't enough people who remember them. It has nothing to do with ignorance.

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