Biohazard showcases amazing three phase cooled PC


"Biohazard, a ultra high end PC boutique manufacturer is the first to showcase a PC that will be cooled with a three phase change cooler that can cool a quad core CPU and two high end graphic cards.

We've seen the prototype machine with two 8800 GTX cards and a 9650 CPU running at -15 Celsius. The company is still working on the clock speeds but they've promised an impressive score.

The machine will boot with the press of a button and it will take some 30 seconds to boot. The company will come out with some cool over-clocking numbers, as they said they got the first working unit just days before the show. This compressor will be able to get sub zero temperatures on both GPU's and a super over-clocked CPU and will offer some crazy fast speeds, probably way over 4GHz and some great 3Dmark scores.

Here is how it looks and we've seen it and tried it, looks like possibly the fastest shipping PC to be shipped in first half of 2008."

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Kakkoii3986d ago

This is like.. my dream computer lol..

With low temperatures like that, you could do some serious overclocking.

Maxed Crysis while watching an HD Video on a separate screen while working in 3dsMax on another screen anyone?


eyeballpauluk3986d ago

very impressive...shame the 8800gtx will be superceded very soon with the 9 series tho...

bourner3986d ago

wouldent it be very noisy ?

Kakkoii3986d ago

I'd imagine it would make about as much noise as a refrigerator.

Which isn't that much.

I'd take the sound of a loud fridge over the piercing sound of computer fans in my sleep any day. lol.

Guwapo773985d ago

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