G&P Review of Crysis


You are sitting there preparing to read this review of Crysis. As you continue, keep this in mind - there is a 98% chance that you do not have a computer powerful enough to even run this game. So with that knowledge, feel free to bail on reading further if you wish. However, if you are still interested in learning more about this PC-killer, read on.

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NewC3934d ago

that my computer could run this.

jaja14343934d ago

For a review his computer is fairly middle-low end.
Personally I have a e6750,8800GTS,2 gigs, MSI P6N. Which is all fairly middle road except for the video card which I would call upper middle end.

With this set up I can easily run high settings with 3 options on very high. All that staying in the 30+ range. In any event I thought it was a great game. Kind of short, but meh.

TheIneffableBob3934d ago

The "Lacking implementation of nanosuit" is likely due to the feature being, in a way, "rushed". Crytek have said that the nanosuit was implemented fairly late in development, and as such they faced some problems with the level design and gameplay.

NewC3934d ago

I had no idea, thanks for sharing!


everyone doesnt overrate this game