New TF2 Maps, Achievements and 'Large Scale' Gameplay Shift Within 2 Months

Two new maps for Valve's Team Fortress 2 will hopefully arrive within the next two months, the studio has informed Shacknews.

One of the new arenas is a remake of Team Fortress Classic's Badlands map, with an emphasis on more vertically-oriented gameplay due to the presence of control points on towering spires.

"Our estimate is that both these maps should be out within the next 2 months," Valve employee Robin Walker told Shacknews. "We expect to ship other new content before that."


Valve's Robin Walker has clarified that the new maps will definitely hit the PC, but are undecided for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Team Fortress 2, which are only available in The Orange Box.

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solar3932d ago

hell ya. 2fort is always a stalemate. and id like a little bit of an accuracy upage for the heavy, and a reduction in power for the soldier. damn rockets are too powerful imo. or at least up the damage they do to the soldier for rocket jumps and what not.

Vulcan Raven3932d ago

Is TF2 an offline multiplayer game?

LSDARBY3932d ago

Will PS3 get this content too?

picker3323932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Is this game better then Cod4 or Ut3?
Just wondering.
Doesn't look so fun to me but that's me...Don't be

Shankle3931d ago

I haven't played UT3, but I can tell you I've enjoyed TF2 about as much as COD4. If you want heavily team-based games in which you really have to work together, TF2 is better. If you want to be a bit more individual, go for COD4. One thing that might tip the balance for you is that I've found TF2 MUCH more susceptible to lag.

solar3931d ago

i have all three. CoD:4 and OB for PC, and UT3 for ps3. im addicted as hell to TF:2. ive played CoD:4 once, felt it was slightly average, and havent played it again. UT3 ive been having lag issues with so i havent played much.

Amnesiac3931d ago

should stick to PC, that game is way to loose for consoles

solar3931d ago

well i only use the keyboard and mouse config for UT3 on the ps3. i wanted to try out the online network and what not. as of right now...kinda not impressed.

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