Left 4 Dead Rising in Late Summer

The forthcoming co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead (PC, X360) will hit in the late summer, Valve has revealed to Shacknews.

Developed in conjunction by Valve and newly-acquired subsidiary Turtle Rock Studios, the game is expected to arrive in August or September.

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wil4hire3935d ago

LOVE zombie games...

Anyone remember just spawning a bunch of bots with CS:S that only have knives? then trying to kill them all?

So much great fun.

1st day purchase if over steam.

socomnick3935d ago

You buying it for pc :( was looking foward to mauling you over xboxlive.

aggh im on fire3935d ago

Same here. Im looking forward to this, love zombie games. On a side note has anyone read the book..'the zombie survival guide'? was reading it today, very good if you wanna know what to do if theres an outbreak.

poos33935d ago

another xbox 360 eclusiv,the only console u can play this game on is the 360 and yes this game is benchmark of fun and innovation