Old Xbox 360s Show up in New Premium Holiday Bundles

Jan 11, 2008 - A local video game retailer said they were shocked to find old Xbox 360 models inside their new 2007 Holiday Bundle boxes (the ones that come with Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.) The retailer discovered this issue when a customer complained that the Xbox 360 Premium Holiday Bundle they purchased had no HDMI port. Upon hearing this, the store's video game staff went to look at their stock of Xbox 360 Premium Holiday Bundles, only to find that there was a large mix of old and new models, but all with the new Holiday Bundle packaging. In fact, some of the models were dated back as far as October 2006, which means that not only did they have no HDMI port, they were also running on an older, more defect prone chipsets.

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dale13936d ago

not a bad way to boost sales take it back then swipe the next through equals two sales nice helps the numbers

marinelife93936d ago

Wow just Wow...

Even if it isn't true it just the fact that it got posted makes MS look really really bad.

eLiNeS3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

they use a temp service to hire ones to come in and swap out the old box or items and put the bundles together. I know this for a fact because my friend and his mother where working on the PS3 bundles down in Compton, CA. Not saying my friend and his mother are not bright but they are hired help for a temp job and anything could happen, that's if this story is even true.

At least someone was bright and made sure to check to make sure the HDMI port was there or not there in this case and took it back.

godofthunder103936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

there is no way in hell this is true.if it was then it would've been all over the news and we would've already heard that microsoft is under investigation already for this because it's against the law and this would cost microsoft a lot more then it's worth.
i'm not a fanboy of the 360 and ps3 because i think that they are both damn good systems.i own a 360 since launch and i never had a problem yet with it,i hate sony and never would by a ps3 but i'm not going to lie and say the ps3 sux because it doesn't and there is no way that this would be true even if it was sony.
if people really belive this story they need to have their heads checked because something wrong with them.instead of being ps3 fans they need to stop and think before they make an ass of themselfs and say this is true.if they belive it they need to ask themself why isn't microsoft under investigation now,why didn't anyone sue them yet.people need to realize how much this is against the law,you can't sell a system as new when it isn't,hell it even say on the damn box that it has an hdmi in the 360 + you could even see it,so this guy is a lier and i'll tell him to his damn face he is,and he's just a ps3 fanboy trying to make the 360 look bad and for someone to lie about the 360 just to make the ps3 look better is worring his ass off about the ps3 system and game sales because that's the only reason to lie.all the evidence show that it's not true,hell if it was then all the things i listed would be happening already and not one is.
another thing i don't understand is how can people disagree with you even if they are ps fans when you talk about the defect with the drives in the early ps(not the ps3 because the few people that had problems is to few to mention).almost every time when you put a game in the ps2 it would read can't read disc even if it was a new game and first sony denyed it and said that it wasn't true but they had to say it was true latter on and people still disagee when people say this and it's public records all they have to do is read up on it and they would see but instead of doing that they just disagree because it's sony but when a stupid bullsh*t story like this one that's you could see is easily a lie they agree because it's a 360 i'm not saying the defect in the ps2 was higher then the 360 because it wasn't but it was like a %26 failure rate.i'm not saying that every one had problems with the ps2 because they didn't but i had to buy five of them in less then 2 years because of it and i never tried to lie and do the things that people are trying to do to the 360.

GunShotEddy3936d ago

So imagine you run a game retailer. One customer comes in and says "There's no HDMI port on this console!" Do you send your employees to open up all the Holiday bundle SKUs, thus severely lowering the chance of selling them new?

Who is dumb enough to believe this. Especially when you can "check the serial" on the side. Stupid. Why are people on this site so gullible?

aiphanes3936d ago

I agree that they may not have opened up all the Xbox 360 boxes to check and see if they are HDMI or not but the manufacturing date in actually on the you do not have to open up the box.

power of Green 3936d ago

So says some person that recieved some report from some local game shop.

crck3936d ago

so you can just buy any clear generic sticker to "reseal" them. Hell Nintendo doesn't even bother sealing the Wii at all...

Mu5afir3936d ago

What are you talking about? All new Ps3s come with a temper sticker on the box. I am sure, the Wii and Xbox 360 also have temper stickers on the boxes.

crck3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Are you talking about tamper seals on the consoles? Yes they all have those. I am talking about factory seals on the retail boxes at least in the US. I have sold a bunch of these systems in the past. Xbox 360s come with a 3 inch clear round sticker to seal the box. PS3's come with a clear 2.5 inch round sticker to seal the box. And Wiis have no stickers at all on the box. Look on the web and you can easily find websites that sell clear round stickers in various sizes.

BTW I just reread the article and they never even mention opening the box. You CAN see the manufacture date of a 360 without opening the box. They have a little peep hole showing the serial number and right below that is the manufacture date.

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jonboi243936d ago

now ppl are getting old models. chances are that those old models found is some of the holiday bundles are refurbished RROD xbox.

marionz3936d ago

as far as i know they dont refurbish anymore, they just take your xbox and swap out the guts for the revised hardware then send it back, this story is bs, i know 3 people that got this bundle for christmas and all were new consoles

its funny how people will only believe what they want though

ReBurn3936d ago

You can't put a refurbished unit in a new box and sell it as new. It's illegal. If Microsoft got caught doing that then they would face consumer fraud charges.

And as far as I know they do refurbish. My 360 was replaced with a refurbished unit that was manufactured in December 2006. My original one was manufactured in February 2006.

rodellison3936d ago

I'm in the same boat.. Got my RRoD returned to me, and first thing I looked for was the Manufacture date..which to my surprise said 07/2006. REFURB!
I've not seen a problem yet, and I don't know if its just an old box with new guts..but I was definitely pissed, namely since my RRoD unit returned had a 12/2006 date.

power of Green 3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Figures you can tell by the fantastical nature of the news without being able to prove it otherwise.

His signature posts are news posts that will spread like wildfire in the PS3 fanboy world causing missleading damage then the news is easily proven wrong but still does its deeds.

Love the BT vision IPTV post. Making people think IPTV's capabilities seem lackluster when infact its BT vision's limitations not IPTV tech.

I approved this just to see if my guess was right.

FOX NEWS in the making.

Douchebaggery, I come here to read news and not twisted fud, idiot its you!!!! that can put me on ignor, you don't have to read my posts vs myself having to edit and filter real and usful news through all the anti MSFT hate posts, have a good day.

Douchebaggery3936d ago

Nobody is forcing you the read Peg's posts. When's the last time you contributed anything relevant to this site, all you do is f*cking complain.

bababrooks3936d ago

douchebuggery, whom are you to talk about anyone, you are a fanboy .fair play to round peg ,he goes with the flow for what ever reason, was it not the round peg that said he was going to get friends from other forums to get the sony boys? lol , go where the grass is green. this site is turning into a bigger mess every day!



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