The Last Of Us, Playstation All-Stars, LBP Karting, Ratchet HD Dates Listed By Retailer

After checking the pre-order section of Video Games Plus, we discovered that a lot of upcoming video games have specific release dates nailed down, even though they have yet to be confirmed by the publisher. In this post, you will find The Last Of Us, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Little Big Planet Karting, and the Ratchet and Clank HD Collection.

- Trendy Gamers

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smashcrashbash2361d ago

Didn't they already say that PASBR is slated for December?

BringingTheThunder2361d ago

i think it was fall or something.

european_cannon2361d ago

Wow, your little BS release date news story made it to the front row, nice work man!

TheLastGuardian2360d ago

Whatever the release dates are, I'm buying all of these incredible PlayStation®3 exclusives day 1.

base00642361d ago

Holy fu*king spam! Enough with the dates man! They're all placeholders anyway.

Dante1122361d ago

Can't wait for Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale. I think the Last of Us is getting released in 2013 though, Trendy.

SecretPsycho2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Now that i think about it....does anyone else think ratched and clank would make a good kart game? x3

TrendyGamers2361d ago

Is there enough characters?

ChiVoLok02360d ago

I think so.


Ratchet, clank, quark, plumber, skidd mcmarxX (aka shadowdude), drek, nefarious, skrunch, big al, slim cognito, orvus, alister azimuth, kaden, angela cross, helga, courtney gears, sasha, talwyn apogee, lawrance, gleeman vox, and im sure there are way more antagonist.

BringingTheThunder2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

they should do a playstation mascot racer that has sly, jak and daxter, and ratchet and clank people.

supremacy2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Well how about these characters...

6.Fat princeas
7.Lil and laarge
8.PaRappa the Rapper
11.Loco roco
12.Simian(eye pet)
13.Robbit(jumping flash)
14.Mr. buzz
17.Lammy(leave it to lammy)
18. 3D dot heroe
19. Robber(calling all cars)
20.little deviant

Now keep in mind todays mario kart games feature just about this number of mascots and with minion and bad guys in that mix. Ofcourse, not that these have the same star power, but if you want you could also add some of the bad guys or sidekicks in as extras.
Tighten up the controls, use stages based on these franchises to capture all that star essence that most mario kart games have.
Add a battle mode along with the good ol grand prix and youre good to go. People on here often say that other than mario kart, nothing comes close to that infamous crash team racing game, well?

& if Sony ever decided to buy back the rights to crash than that would pretty much seal it considering everything else.

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ForeverGamer2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

me too can't wait for the Last of Us

RedSoakedSponge2361d ago

i hope it really does well. naughty dog deserve it

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