3 New Gran Turismo HD Images

Now just imagine how good Gran Turismo 5 will look!

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calderra5850d ago

...because Gran Turismo has never, ever used bloated CG to try and convince gamers it will look better than it does. Not ever. Heh.

Bhai5850d ago

With even PS2 engine at work, this title is pretty much hitting the PGR3 stuff off. No doubt PolyPhony has always been some of the most talented folks outthere in racing games and their games were utterly photorealistic when other devs only dreamed of it. Undoubtedly when almost every critic has compared PGR3 with PS2's GT4...GT5 will be the definitive king of the genre when it comes out. The new Switzerland stage is simply breath-taking. HOT !!!

achira5850d ago

looks fotorealistic to me! good job.

Gamer135850d ago

I played gt3 and 4, all i want is gt5 not gt hd.

im out

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