Game Informer June Cover Revealed: The Elder Scrolls Online

Game Informer writes:

Long rumored and much anticipated, The Elder Scrolls Online is finally being unveiled in the June issue of Game Informer. In this month's cover story we journey across the entire land of Tamriel, from Elsweyr to Skyrim and everywhere in between.

In addition to the world exclusive first look at The Elder Scrolls Online, the June issue of Game Informer brings you the first hands-on report on The Amazing Spider-Man from Activision and Beenox as well as new details on Lego Batman 2, Resident Evil 6, and Devil May Cry.

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Snookies122753d ago

Wow, this could be interesting... Though honestly, I think I'm done paying for MMO games for quite some time. Spent enough money on WoW back in the day. -_-

TekoIie2753d ago

Interesting although i personally believe that Skyrim gameplay is not good for a PvP game (If this game has that sort of option). The sword gameplay is quite generic and then Magic is ridiculously powerful followed by simply shitty ranged weapons.

Gameplay will have to be very different to previous elder scrolls games for this to work.

MAJ0R2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

It would be cool if they created a whole different kind of combat system for MMO's, as in not the generic button spam with point and click. Maybe some actual good combat?

Also, an Elder Scrolls MMO might actually be cool because it would give people a chance to explore all areas of Nirn and not just one province per game.

zeal0us2753d ago

If the combat is similar to traditional mmo combat I probably won't play it. I want to see something new for a change.

RedDragan2753d ago

Oh yeah, magic is so powerful... especially when you have the resist magic enchantments.

Hurr Durr!

NukaCola2753d ago

Is this to counter the Fallout MMO won by Interplay? I personally don't know what to think. I guess I need to see it in action first.

TekoIie2753d ago


congratulations on not comparing magic to all the other forms of combat... MMO games rely heavily on balance to become a hit.

Drake1172753d ago

If this is done right it could be amazing. If this is done bad it could be my worst nightmare. They need to make it feel like an ES game and not the 100s of mmos that are already on the market. If they try to get by with making a Warcraft clone in the ES universe i will be pissed. They need to have the whole you are what you play system as well as radiant quests and guilds and a main story line. They def don't need to have a bunch of ppl standing in place in a town with ! over their heads.

EVILDEAD3602753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

[email protected] you PC gaming with your life sucking MMOs tempting us old head WOW players to finally upgrade and get a gaming PC..

I resisted Starcraft, Old Republic and if Diablo 3 gets a console announcement at E3 I'm safe..but Elder Scrolls Online?? tempting indeed..come on Game Informer..I need that issue

If he next gen consoles get WOW or even this it'll be over..


justpassinggas2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Magic is highly overpowered in Skyrim??? Try leveling up and then using spells. Spell damage does not level with you and the master level spells are too costly, both in terms of casting time and MP - and even then, they're not spectacular.

What is overpowered is sneak.

Panthers2753d ago

Combat in Elder Scrolls is just terrible. It would have to change quite a bit to work in an MMO.

Tr10wn2753d ago

shitty ranged weapons? you must be pretty bad in aiming to said that, ranged in skyrim is the most satisfying weapon in the game and i played all of them, for me its range>2h weapons>magic and the all the others, maybe you need an aim assist to have fun who knows.

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jthamind2753d ago

the readiness of my body cannot be overstated.

Beahmscream2753d ago

I'd love to see it work out but.. Seems like new MMO's have been having a hard time staying afloat the past several years.

Drake1172753d ago

New mmos just haven't innovated enough. Most of them think they can just get by with copying Wows forumula since it worked so well for blizzard. Well guess what, if people wanted to play something like wow they would just play wow since its been added to and polished for like 8 years or something. Next gen mmos need to ditch that formula and start innovating if they want to be successful. The IP of ES alone cannot make this game great, people will start to quit fast if they don't do new things. Look at whats happening to KOTOR with SWTOR.

Panthers2753d ago

SWTOR is doing great. They do need server merges because MMOs always have a falling out after the initial release. But TOR is just so much more fun than WoW. Its all Ive been playing lately.

Drake1172753d ago

Swtor is fun till level 50. Then it becomes exactly like wow but worse because of things like less polish and end game contend along with just retarded mistakes on biowares part like no dungeon finder or true competitive pvp.

Panthers2752d ago

With 1.2 they added another Operation, Warzone, and some new flash points.

Either way, this is by far the most polished MMO Ive ever played at launch. I dont believe WoW had a dungeon finder until ICC was released. And that was about 5 years in.

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Christopher2753d ago

With Matt Firor involved, I'm not sure this will be that great of a success. He was, IMHO, one of the weakest links on DAoC.

SilentNegotiator2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

It's already repetitive enough to be an MMO.
I said it. lol could be good. If it's your standard "click for attack every ___ seconds" combat, I'm not interested. If they implement Skyrim-like gameplay, I'll at least give it a look.

Nimblest-Assassin2753d ago

I'll bite if it has a meaningful story, characters, dynamic quests and combat... and if it stays far, far away from PS3... Bethesda didn't give a f**k for the ps3 version of Skyrim.

Hell when it runs better for people who torrented it, than someone who bought it day one... you have a problem.

But I am intruiged

jamesgtaiv2753d ago ShowReplies(2)
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Nitrowolf22753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

hmm this could either be very bad or very good.
At least it's its own game rather then a something thrown with single player
But with Beth. track record of bugs, yeah

joab7772753d ago

You are right. I am very worried. People have clamored for multiplayer in skyrim etc and now straight to mmo. I hope it isnt a money grab. That being said, its the easiest setting to give players content. I spent 265 hours on one playthrough of skyrim, for me 3 months. People love wandering the lands of tamriel. The combat will onviously change a bit. I actually think it may be scaled back. I guess we will see. I sure hope though, they were able to recreate the setting. Most mmos have interesting art styles to allow for lower end pcs to run. It wont work here imo. The expectations will be enormous. Learn from bioware because it doesnt matter how great or how much content you have, if u do not at least give gamers everything wow has offered to this point.

Drekken2753d ago

If Bugthesda is making it, I am staying far, far away.

Tr10wn2753d ago

bug? you must be playing on PS3 right?

NYC_Gamer2753d ago

So this will be one big MMO technical mess