Ubisoft jabs Black Ops II; Ghost Recon: Future Soldier goes gold

TVGB: "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is golden, Ubisoft has just announced, meaning that, after more delays than I'd care to count, the console versions of the game are finally all finished up and heading to the presses."

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zeal0us2758d ago

Didn't know Ubisoft invented "future technology". Why do companies go about trying to create press for their game this way? Probably won't be long before we start campaign ads for games like the way they do in politics.

joab7772758d ago

I guess there is a little sadness that cod is able to literally destroy everyone. It is GR's "thing" that they talked to real military to design weapons and vehicles that are realistict to the future, which black ops made a point of mentioning. But, they are different games. Black ops will play just like a cod game. GR is more cerebral and tactical oriented. Im no a huge cod fan, didnt buy mw3, but i always liked treyarch. At least they are trying something.

GamingTruth2758d ago

to bad nobody wants their garbage boring game

Ducky2758d ago

The multiplayer beta/demo was fun.

KonaBro2758d ago

Had more fun with Future Soldier than I have with Call of Duty in a long time.

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kevnb2758d ago

id rather play cod. Ubisoft is one of the many companies who rely way too much on market research.

xAlmostPro2758d ago

I'm not one for petty statements and subtle disses.

However from a game stand point i really like the latest ghost recon, it's good fun. In fact the most fun i've had in a shooter for awhile.

Coming from a guy who prefers the tactical shooters that involve good team work, was a huge Socom fan until they did the toilet on it.

Don't get me wrong this isn't near Socom tactical but it's a solid 3rd person shooter that's not quite as run around with your balls out doing crazy things as say Gears/Uncharted, a decent amount of thinking and co-op movements go far in this game :)

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