Crysis 3 - New Screenshots and Artworks Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Crytek and Electronic Arts have revealed some new screenshots and artworks for Crysis 3."

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Detoxx2755d ago

Looks nice, Crysis 2 was just "to urban"..

john22755d ago

yeap. The lighting in particular looks way better than before and textures looks of a higher-resolution

BiggCMan2755d ago

There isn't a single screenshot from the game here, it's all concept art. From the small bit of gameplay shown in the trailer, it looks exactly like Crysis 2 with no difference period. That goes for the graphics and the gameplay. Which leaves me disappointed because Crysis 2 was so average.

Tachyon_Nova2754d ago

@Biggcman Funny, I don't remember there being jungle in Crysis 2s New York. Also do remember the bow, or the new varieties of enemies.

BiggCMan2754d ago

Well you know, I DID say graphics, and gameplay. Not level design, try understanding what that means before you shoot me down. The graphics look exactly the same, the game play looks exactly the same. And since 2 was a pretty damn boring game, I see this being the same thing. Crysis was a one time thing, the first game was amazing in so many ways, but afterwards, the casual thinking started to crows Cryteks ways.

-Gespenst-2755d ago

Screenshots are probably bullshots, but still, this is a really unique and awesome setting. Better be 1080 on consoles this time.

Tachyon_Nova2754d ago

Is there a single shooter that runs at native 1080p on consoles? As if it would ever happen with a game that looks as good as Crysis.

ninjahunter2755d ago

Not a single Physics object to be seen, all work and no play.

Muffins12232754d ago

I pray this will be like crysis 1

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