Why gamers hate Call Of Duty


A lot of game journalists are not looking forward to this year’s Call Of Duty. Not because of the game itself but because of the militant hate for the franchise in some corners of gaming fandom. Last year’s Modern Warfare 3 received universal praise from critics. Most admitted that it did little that was new, but that it offered an extremely well-rounded and polished experience – especially for newer players.

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StrongMan2363d ago

Gamers hate COD? Then why the hell is it the top selling game every year?

Valenka2363d ago

Just because it's the top selling game every year doesn't mean there isn't a percentage of gamers who hate it.

WeskerChildReborned2363d ago

Most people i know who talk shit about COD end up getting it sooner or later.

finbars752363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I hate it but play it every now and then for shits and giggles.Its only because I love Battlefield more.But all in all it always going to be a love and hate relationship for cod with the majority people who play it and complain.

darthv722363d ago

therefore I have no reason to hate on it. It isnt my style. I prefer halo, killzone, gear, resistance. All of those share a common aspect and that is their unrealistic approach to entertainment.

I enjoy a good storyline in a game. The BF/COD games are probably more popular to the multiplayer crowd more so than the single player. In fact...are those games story driven in single player mode?

I guess the bottom line with the 'hate' would be if its the same old same old. Meaning there arent any changes that really make it feel different from a prior release. Then again, there is a catch 22 there. To some, the phrase of: "if it aint broke why fix it" most likely applies.

That has been something Madden fans/haters have been dealing with every release.

StanLee2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

There is a difference between the perceived majority and actually majority. There is a huge majority of the online gaming community who have a vocal anti-COD sentiment. What I mean is, the majority of gamers who visit fansites like and gaming sites, seem like a huge majority but only because they're so vocal and in the space they occupy, they're a majority; But when you look at the entire gaming population, they're a small minority. This becomes evident every day when you look at the number of people playing COD online. Each iteration of the game from COD4 to MW3 still maintain thriving communities, with past iterations like Black Ops and MW2 even more popular than current online offerings like Battlefield 3 and Gears of War 2.

caperjim2363d ago

A very small percentage hate it.

F7U122363d ago

Why do I hate it?

1.Poor hit detection
2.No dedicated servers
3.30 day DLC penalty for other plats
4.Over priced DLC
5.Poor game design - maps /weapons/perks/killstreaks/cam paign new ideas and gameplay has become stagnant and boring.

Trekster_Gamer2362d ago

this is true of every game. COD is just so big the haters seem to be more as there are so so many more that love the series. If you don't like it don't buy, don't bitch about it either.

mewhy322362d ago

The only gamers that hate call of duty are the ps3 guys. They can't stand the fact that Call of Duty's console releases are best played on the Xbox every year and it pisses them off that the call of duty console online experience is also best played on Xbox Live. Everyone else loves The Call of Duty games, as the phenomenal sales show year after year.

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Ducky2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

It's cool to hate something that is popular.

Examples include Wii, modern 'pop' music, and anything Apple has ever made.

kevnb2363d ago

well most "pop" music is complete turd to be honest. But thats a complete different story,

wallis2363d ago

Those examples would have gone very well if the Wii wasn't bollocks, if modern pop hadn't produced Justin Bieber and if Apple didn't charge a fortune for a blown up iphone (as well as numerous other crimes).

People don't rage against CoD because it's popular, people rage against it's shit AND popular. Case in point Justin Bieber and Twilight. Both shit AND popular as well. Let's use some basic scientific method here. Let's examine popular things.

Shakespeare, J.D. Salinger, television, electricity and sex. All popular things that don't have a massive hate base because they don't suck.

Well if popularity isn't the variable looks like it's how shit something is. It might get augmented by social pressure but at the end of the day Call of Duty is the most generic, boring, recycled piece of crap on Earth. Ten long years it rode on the wave of scripted actions and now it's diving onto open worlds and every one applauds the retard for learning something it should have learnt a long time ago.

It's crap. The multiplayer is...crap. The singleplayer is... equally crap. There's nothing wrong with liking crap but don't tell me the poorly paced, terribly written, God awfully balanced turd fest that is CoD is only getting hated on because it's popular.

darthv722363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

"Those examples would have gone very well if the Wii wasn't bollocks, if modern pop hadn't produced Justin Bieber and if Apple didn't charge a fortune for a blown up iphone"

you prove fatoldman's point perfectly.

As for Shakespeare & J.D. Salinger... Neither of them are "popular" in the sense of always being in the media spotlight.

Television, electricity and sex are all general references. It is usually specifics that get more hate on them. such as a specific sexual position or tv show.

And pretty much everyone hates on their electric company because of the rates they charge but we deal with it because mostly there isnt any other choice.

humbleopinion2363d ago

Pop music also produced singers from Madonna to Adele - both of which were highly acclaimed by the professional media.
Just like COD, they are BOTH popular and considered very good by the professional review, and just like COD, there's a minority which gets overly emotional about their source of admiration , so when something popular eclipses it they develop hatred towards that thing.

Comparing to Justin Bieber should be something that is reserved to games like: popular, yet not very highly regarded by reviewers.

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user54670072363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

....because it's a social gimmick

Even non gamers buy COD to fit in with their social groups

People don't want to feel left out so they'll follow the crowd. I know a ton of people who don't give a crap about ghames who buy COD every year, the only game they buy, just so they don't feel left out

All this "because it's popular" is just silly comeback for the ones who defend COD

Ducky2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

You do realize that the reason you've listed is essentially proving my point right?

It's popular. That's why ton of people that don't give a crap about games buy and play CoD every year just to tag along with their friends. Oh, and they probably are having fun too.

... and that is why you hate CoD. Because it is popular.

VanillaBear2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )


How the hell can you have fun on a game when you are only playing it to stay relevant in your group of friends. If you don't game then I doubt you would enjoy playing on a game just for social reasons. There more or less forcing themselfs to

I don't see how Mike is proving your point when he's saying it's just a "gimmick". Thats actually giving a more psychological insight to this whole debate

The hate isn't there because it's popular, it's there for a lot of reasons. I would go through them but I don't want to waste time repeating what many alreay point out on here.

I'll admit I bought World at War just so I could talk to my friends about it, I didn't want to be "Mr Billy No Mates"

solidjun52363d ago

I don't hate COD cause it's popular. I dislike cause I dislike it. I've played enough of them to come to that opinion. I don't hate on people who like it though. That's on them. If they want to pay for it, who am i to tell them how they spend their money.

I'll stick to KZ, Halo and other shooters.

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ritsuka6662362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

"Why gamers hate Call Of Duty

In the internet is hate is strong, in the real life COD is really popular and sucess series.

Lazy_Sunday2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

People hate CoD because it's the top selling game of the year and doesn't innovate at the regular industry standard because it has a formula that "sells." On the internet, you see more people bitch about CoD's problems. Because the problems CoD has are all potentially fixable, and CoD is the top selling game of the year, people want to see the quality service they simply aren't getting. Which leads to more bitching.

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A-Glorious-Dawn2362d ago

More specifically the netcode... I just can't trust it. some games I seem to have an overwhelming advantage. And others a massive disadvantage, this is why everyone who plays COD thinks they are amazing.. because almost everyone will get a game where the dominate.

Think about it, this could go a long way to it's mass appeal.. Look at games like Killzone and Battlefield, games with dedicated servers, Don't you notice that your level of skill is more consistent, you can see yourself improving and if you have good skill you will do well consistently.. With COD no matter how good you are, how precise and quick your aim is, there will always be those games where the netcode says NO and you will get shat on by mediocre players because they see you first...

In all my time playing COD I have logged about 38 days so I'm not talking out my ass here, It's an observation that is consistent....

This is why I dislike the COD franchise, It being the most profitable game this gen and Activision cant pull their finger out their ass and pay for some dedicated servers????

NastyLeftHook02363d ago

it feels like a recycled dollar store toy that came in a shiny new package.

Dovahkiin2363d ago

Just like a a large percentage of your comments.

NastyLeftHook02363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

haha takes one to know one. going through my comments full or garbage... -_-

Valenka2363d ago

Since Modern Warfare, all Activision has done was recycle the same old crap time and again. Fact.

GamingTruth2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

so world at war was the same as mw1 even though you could drive vehicles and the maps were rediculously huge?, then mw2 was the same as mw1 with customizeable killstreaks? black ops was the same as those with wager matches and theater mode and currency systems for buying stuff instead of unlocking with leveling? and mw3 was the same with call of duty elite ingame, and spec ops survival?

so name changes in battlefield other than graphics,

oh yeah battlefield 3 now has close quarters gameplay, and co op, guess who they copied for that, oh and 2 'new' game modes

man please ive played them all and the games are all the same vehicles, large maps, sniping, tactical gameplay its the same with far less changes game to game than call of duty despite still having a 30fps engine that has yet to implement 3d

yeah call of duty is the same but compared to other shooters aside from graphics i cant agree that call of duty is the same, its more different than each battlefield and medal of honor. FACT.

got to love the n4g agree and disagree system, it goes if im a fan of this ill agree, if im not ill disagree, and the unfortunate thing about this site is you can disagree with no justification of why you disagree, on a subject of call of duty the haters are so strong here on this site and pc fans also your assured to get disagreed on subjects on graphics and pc superiority anything challenging pc superiority in your comments is assured to get disagreed, just like any comment rightfully defending call of duty your assured to normally get disagreed with more than agreed with

completely different by way of an engine statix, what new game modes do they have and new gameplay elements

oh yeah they have a co op which they jocked from call of duty but what else TDM? lol

Statix2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

COD implements bigger changes than Battlefield? Are you on freaking crack?

I bet you've never even played a Battlefield game. BF3 is a COMPLETELY different game than Bad Company 2. They're not even CLOSE to being similar... completely separate games. By contrast, MW3 almost feels like an expansion pack to MW2.


EDIT: Don't give me that crap about new modes. New modes doesn't matter if the core gameplay still feels almost exactly the same, with the same issues (namely lag and unbalanced weapons) still present.

Yes, BF3 has a completely different, upgraded engine. That's PART OF IT. I'd rather have a new engine than the same exact engine, year after year, after year, after year... Since when is having a new engine a bad thign? Plus, the new engine is only a small part of the changes that BF3 implemented from previous installments. If I listed every single thing BF3 improved/changed upon BC2, it would be a ridiculous wall of text. Yes, the core game modes remain Rush and Conquest, but you don't NEED some crappy new modes (tacked on for the sake of having new modes) when there are an incredible plethora of changes that were implemented in BF3 that make the game play COMPLETELY different and fresh. Changes ranging from everything to new vehicle handling, new vehicles, new damage/health system, new weapons+attachments system, new class system (Recon, Engineer, Assault, Support), new dedicated server browser, customizable matches/servers, new blend of close quarter maps (for better or worse)... Fact of the matter is, the game plays COMPLETELY differently from previous installments, even though there aren't many new modes.

Not that you would know that, seeing as you've probably never played Battlefield in your life. Post your Battlelog profile if you want to prove otherwise.

awesomeperson2363d ago

No, I do not agree that COD changes more compared to shooters such as Battlefield.

I never played WaW online so can't comment on that. Really? You use "customizeable killstreaks" as the main point for MW2 being different to COD4? Sure you could pick what you wanted, but it wasn't a huge deal. It was just a small new gameplay feature. I would more say Spec Ops was a good change in MW2 not in COD4.

I do agree Black Ops changed things up quite a bit in terms of gameplay mechanics outside of when you were playing; but when it came down to the core gameplay it felt a lot like other COD games (albeit, being a little harder to snipe).

I do not think Elite is a good thing to boast about for change in MW3, to be honest its a very poorly implemented step in the wrong direction. The only time my elite subscription has come in handy has being for Clan Ops, thats all. And spec ops survival is practically zombies with guns.

And yes. I have played every COD game and therefore really feel they are getting repetitive. I had around 5 days playtime COD4, but over 26 days on MW2 and I'm up to about 13 days on MW3.
I played black ops for less than a month before I quit (I didn't find it fun).

BobbyMcCOOL2363d ago

As much as I might agree with some of the reason to hate COD, when a game sales so many units every time its released, its hard to say gamers hate it. Someone loves it, even if its not me.

Hicken2363d ago

Everybody who buys it isn't necessarily a "gamer." At least, not in the sense that we here would be categorized as.

You see, we here care about more than just popping a game in and playing it. We joined this site to keep up with all things game-related, the industry as a whole. That interest sets us apart from people who just "play games." And the majority of many gaming fanbases comprise of the "just play games" type; Call of Duty is- NOW- one such fanbase. You won't hear them talking about improvements in the engine. They can't single out what needs balancing, if they can tell that something needs balancing at all.

Gamers like you and me are different, though. We have our favorite franchises, and companies we hate. We have hopes for the future of gaming, and gripes with its current state.

Now, if YOU had a gaming decision to make, which group would you go to: a) a group comprised of people who buy every iteration of a series without question, or b) a group that has likes and dislikes, and feels strongly about them?

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