Final Fantasy Music: The Heir to Uematsu's Throne

GR: "I believe one small step (among many needed) toward Final Fantasy getting back to banging out the hits like it used to would be to have a dedicated music man on the team, in the same way Uematsu was the obvious choice for well over a decade.

I submit to you my two considerations for the heir to Mr. Uematsu's throne. One of these two awesome composers should be Final Fantasy's new music master."

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knifefight2385d ago

Some amazing music sampled here. The Type-0 and Nier soundtracks are amazing; those composers are rad.

MadMen2385d ago

blah, bring back FF7 already

Jreca2385d ago

Hamauzu himself did an outstanding job in both FF13 and FF13-2. I would love to hear a more medieval-themed FF15 with his songs.

But those are two great choices.

Capt-FuzzyPants2385d ago

He also arranged a live version of FFXs "A Fleeting Dream" and it might be the best thing Ive ever heard.

LightofDarkness2385d ago

Nier has the best soundtrack I've ever heard, frankly.

knifefight2385d ago

I'll drink to that!

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